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Blizzard 2015

Mainstream media really should be ashamed of themselves.  We could not watch the news leading up to “Blizzard 2015”,  for we were bombarded with language that should only be reserved for the most deadliest of situations.  This was not a historical event.  A historical event was Katrina.  This was a snowstorm in New England.  Upstate New Yorkers must be laughing at us.  This storm had wind.  It had snow.  It was not historic, nor was it catastrophic.  However, it did prompt travel bans.  At the threat of mass transportation shutting down, husbands come home from work early!  

Family dinners are rare in our house.  The girls and I always eat together but Greg does not get home until just before 8pm so his dinner is reheated from a few hours earlier.  I roasted a chicken, mashed some potatoes and we all sat down to dinner together at 6pm and said a prayer of thanksgiving.  

Because Greg works such long hours, he is not actively involved in the learning that takes place in our house.  Before dinner he read the first chapter of the course guidebook for our newest exploration: Geographic Wonders of the World by Professor Michael Wysession offered by Great Courses.  The girls read the chapter earlier in the day.  Together we watched the first lecture about the history and the geology of the islands of Santorini.  After dinner we followed up our learning with an old episode of Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown.  Her episode on Santorini left us with the desire to hop on the next available plane!  

There was game playing and Gilmore Girl watching and snuggling into bed while the wind picked up outside.  It was a beautiful night.  It was a gift.  The blizzard gave us some snow, but no where near the 24-36” predicted and it gave us some wind but only once did it cause this 85 year old home to shudder.  I am most thankful for the family time it gave us and will give us again on Tuesday for the roads and trains are still shut down to let the cleanup begin.


  1. So glad you guys got some added family time together. It is crazy how the media blows everything out of proportion now. How much snow did you actually end up getting?

    1. It is hard to say because of the wind. I am guessing 6-8 inches.

  2. And you got a game of Settlers of Catan in!

    All the hype drives me crazy, too. I appreciate they are trying to warn us and keep us safe, but it's like the boy who cried wolf. We were told 15-30 inches and we maybe, maybe got to the 15. People are going to start ignoring warnings if the potential is always over estimated.

    The boys and I are home without my husband. He changed his travels plans to yesterday from today so that he could get out before they closed the airport. Thankfully the boys are now teens and can handle the cleanup. They are busy playing a game right now, but later I'll be sending them out.

    Funny story. A year or two ago my husband signed up for facebook. He connected with a couple of friends from high school. One woman had moved to St Louis and was married to someone named Wysession. I had recently purchased How the Earth works and the name Wysession sounded familiar. Same guy! And now my nephew goes to school out there and has met them. Too funny. We have the Greatest Geologic Wonders, too, but haven't watched it yet.

    Enjoy your time together as a family!


    1. I just shared this with Greg. What a small world!

  3. I don't understand why news has to sensationlize everything either. But your night sounds perfect. I wish they could all be like that.

    1. Preparing for the possibility is responsible but you should have heard the language they were using, describing this snow event to the dropping of a bomb, the overuse of the word historic and of course, crippling. This is New England. We used to take for granted that you had water, salt, snow tires (I don't know if they even sell snow tires anymore...), chains, etc. Now people just sit and wait for the govt to dig them out or restore their power. I just don't understand it. That said, it was a wonderful night. And it has been a pretty good day today too!

  4. If you google DESPP CT (Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection) you will find a PDF file of a snowfall graphic. Much less than predicted and less than I had estimated in my comment above. We're in the 8-10 range. That is a normal snowstorm. I understand the wind has a lot to do with it, too, but still...

    We enjoyed our day off and I even took a short spin on my snowshoes.


  5. Jessica, This article about quotes made me think about you. Are you still doing your quote project?



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