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I'll get to it...

In life it is so easy to tell yourself “I’ll get to it....”.  I am so guilty of that.  I have piles of clean laundry to put away because I will get to it eventually.  Library books go overdue day after day because I will return them eventually.  "I’ll get to it" is a dangerous motto for me because it allows for unfinished projects to build up.  I might be okay with a small pile of dust bunnies gathering under the couch, but I do not want a small pile of unfinished work gathering on the girls’ portfolios.  Nope.  Not this year.

For me, this sometimes means that time must be set aside to do those things that are piling up.  We are not the type of homeschoolers that set aside 6 hours of straight work time and do all errands after.  For one, I get too tired once the sun sets and I lack the energy and determination to go out and run errands after dinner.  Two, this leads me right back to that “I’ll get to it” mentality.  

Life and learning are intrinsically connected for us.  A few posts ago I wrote that I want to get the girls photographs printed and put into their portfolios.  If we don’t do this, it will get pushed to the “I’ll get to it pile”.  For over a year I have told them we will get to the ski shop to research the cost of snowboard bindings and boots.   For over a year I have pushed it off because they are desperate to snowboard and I am not.  I am not a skier or a snowboarder.  I once was and I despise it.  So it was easy to push it off buying binding and boots until a day became a week which became a month and now has become a year.  Their snowboards are the right size, and now is the right time.  Their snowboards from Target are too small and during this week’s storm, I saw Lilah struggle to get her snow boots into the plastic bindings.  She has outgrown it.  Their Henri Bendel snowboards were a Christmas gift we gave the girls three years ago because Greg came across them at work.  They were made by K2 for his store and did not sell because most 5th Avenue shoppers are not looking for snowboards!  They were cheap and we knew one day the girls probably want to use them.  For three years they have sat in our attic and for three years the girls have waited to grow into them and to actually use them.

So what to do?  I think there has to be balance in homeschooling.  All work and kids are doing school at home.  All play and mom is a stressed mess.  Right now we have achieved a perfect for us balance of work and life.  Wednesday is a free day.  I had an appointment smack dab in the middle of the day which can seriously disrupt the work flow so I declared it a -- get the “I’ll get to it” issues off my plate day!

Visiting the ski shop first thing in the morning on a week day meant having the place all to ourselves. We were able to spend an hour trying on boots, looking at rentals, and deciding what we wanted to do.  We were not rushed, which is a good thing because girls with size 9 narrow and size 11 feet are never easy to fit.   With no line of people waiting, we were able to get great service and have all our questions answered.  

File this under Physical Education I hour later not only did I cross something off my “I’ll get to it later” list, we completed a gift that was given three years ago.  The best part is it does not look like the girls have to wait to use their new snowboards.  We pick them up Friday and the forecast is calling for a weekend full of fresh new white snow.


  1. I'm not a skier or snowboarder either so I totally understand! The way I look at it is that every family needs to have someone in the lodge to sit with the stuff and be the person that the kids check-in with after each run (or after a designated time). I'm happy to be that person! I get to sit and knit, or read, or catch up on email and Facebook while the girls enjoy the slopes! Dave is a skier and I'm happy to have birthed him two skiers! Now that the girls are older and able to take the chairlift by themselves this sport that they and their papa love so much is getting easier to experience! Come on up to Wachusett whenever! I'd love some company in the lodge! :) xo

  2. I can't wait to see all the pictures of their adventures!!! I try to 'finish' things but we are notoriously bad at it.


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