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Crosby Ate A Needle

This wonderfully awful dog gave us quite a scare last week.  On Wednesday afternoon he vomited out of the blue.  It was hours after he ate and he had no strenuous exercise that morning because we were at a funeral and he was crated.  Greg was home and he and I shared a look across the room.  No words were necessary to convey what we were both we go again.
When we adopted our last Goldendoodle Jake, unknowingly we adopted a dog with a belly full of rug.  The rug had unraveled and coiled around his intestines.  Exactly a week after we brought him home, we rushed him to the emergency vet and paid a small fortune to have the contents removed, as well as part of his intestines.  
So when a dog vomits in our house, it is never “just throwing up”.  Unlike Jake, this seemed to be a one time event.  His behavior was “normal”, as normal as can be for a high energy, badly behaved 8 month old puppy, until the next day.  Thursday morning Greg and I were woken up at 2am and 4 am fr…

Shelling in Coastal Connecticut, Rhode Island

It is a wise father that knows his own child. - William Shakespeare

Our family has always embraced each other’s interests.  We almost take them on as our own.  I have attended two weather conferences with Grace.  I have run a baking camp for Lilah.  It is truly wonderful when we discover an interest that we all share. For us, this interest is shelling.  
You can’t shell as home.  After a long and at times difficult week, Greg and I decided to skip our normal Saturday routine of food shopping, running errands and having a nice family dinner at home, in favor of exploring beaches in Connecticut and Rhode Island.  We threw food into a cooler, grabbed water bottles, our microscope, shelling bags (mesh laundry bags), and headed north.
Our first stop was Rocky Neck State Park.  We have mixed feelings about this beach.  We love the soft white sand and the glacier formations to climb on and the contrast of colors created by the water, the sand and the rock, but we disliked the Amtrack trains that…

More Shelling!

This week a fellow blogger referenced something we began earlier this year, our quotes journal, and looked on my blog for a link but could not find one.  This is because I have relied more and more on Instagram to share our projects, our travels, and our great finds.  It is very hard to reference an IG picture or search for topic, (if what you are searching for is specific) since you have to match the hashtag.  You cannot search for key words in the comments or caption on Instagram like you can on a blog.  
This revelation reminded me of the importance of blogging.  Yes, it is redundant at times.  It does not have the audience that my Instagram feed does, therefore, I do not get immediate feedback and suggestions.  It is not as creative.  It is not as personal.  However, it is detailed.  It is thorough.  It is reference-able.  It is chronological.  It can be more than what I make of it.
To be honest, I don’t always see the value in a blog post titled More and More Shelling or Another Da…

21 Strong

It is important to me that the girls volunteer but it is also important to me that they are not forced or coerced because that negates the very definition of volunteering.  When I think of volunteering I recall the Gilmore Girls episode when Paris is having a meltdown because her resume is not padded with volunteering and she frantically begins calling shelters at Thanksgiving and is told they have no need for her, which sends her further into her meltdown because how will Harvard accept her without this volunteer work?  
Sadly, this scene is all too true among many teens, especially those caught up in college admissions drama.  
"If you want to be important-wonderful. If you want to be recognized-wonderful. If you want to be great-wonderful. But recognize that he who is greatest among you shall be your servant. That's a new definition of greatness.
And this morning, the thing that I like about it: by giving that definition of greatness, it means that everybody can be great, bec…