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Opportunity for growth ahead

Sometimes there are moments when you are faced with an opportunity but also an opportunity cost.  For teens, this is scary and unsettling.  Do I stay where I am comfortable, where I know what to expect and I can be good, but not great?  How important is greatness?  Do I go and unlock my potential even if it is scary, even if it is hard to say goodbye, even if I miss what I had and am unsure of what I am being offered?

These are questions my girls are being faced with right now, again.  My girls do not have the option of picking classes, with no control as to who the teacher is. They are the creators of their educational destiny.  They get to evaluate their outside teachers and determine if what they are learning is adequate, if it is appropriate, and if it will get them where they want to be.  Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know until you are asked and you can’t answer.  Then you know if where you are is adequate, or if you want to make a change and rise to the potential that you know is within you.  

They are still children, and I don’t feel that 100% of the decision making should be placed on their shoulders.  I do not view myself as a “helicopter parent” and actually work very hard not to get too involved emotionally in their efforts.  Being with them 24/7 it is easy to get too involved.   Their work is not my work.  Their goals may not be my goals.  Their accomplishments are not my accomplishments.  I provide opportunity.  They deliver results.

They are on a precipice.  It is a joy to watch them grow and mature but it also causes a bit of mama heartache because the road to maturity is never a straight path.  We are winding our way around a corner right now, with our eyes on the road ahead.


  1. This has piqued my interest. Curious to hear what this corner might be?

    1. Nothing too major - just making decisions about their lessons. A huge change was made this year in piano and the girls are learning first hand about rising to higher expectations. The same is being considered for riding. Nothing I can go into too much detail about as decisions are still being made. I will write more soon...

  2. I so agree with this. I think we all get comfortable where we are and do not try new things because they are scary and unknown. I think it is so good to make sure our girls have the options to try things that are harder. It's like you and I have talked about so often, you have to find that balance between too easy and too hard. I know both Grace and Lilah will soar in whatever they want to accomplish.

    1. Thank you for reminding me about that conversation. Right now they are being asked to perform to a standard and expectations that are higher than they are used to. It is good, and it is challenging. Lilah has accepted the challenge. I think Grace is about ready to make her decision....


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