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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

So I was nominated for this blogger award by MamaLand’s daughter M!  She and my Lilah are penpals, Instagram buddies, texting partners, and lovers of all things natural.  I wish our families were not directly across the country from one another, but I do love that they have struck up a friendship despite this.  
Would You Rather live in an urban, rural, or suburban area? This is tricky because when I am in a rural area like Tennessee I don’t want to come home and I think life would be really nice on a farm with horses and fresh eggs and rolling hills to gaze at while I drink my coffee on my front porch swing.  But then I realize I would be the one shoveling the horse manure, dealing with chickens lost to predators, and worrying about fresh water and feed during snow storms or heat waves.  I would not be good at this, so I support my local farms as much as I can.  
I know I cannot live in a truly urban area like New York City.  My husband, my mother and my brother all work in this city an…

Prospect Lake

Some days are so perfect that all you can really do it sit back and revel in the wonderfulness.  We needed a day like this.  Our summer looks fun in pictures but behind the scenes there is stress from construction, and many days have been spent at home dealing with no show subcontractors, a puppy who is frustrated being on leash in his own house, and being together 24/7 due to my reluctance with leaving the girls in the house while men are working.  

When we were invited to join friends at their lake side cabin they rented for the week we were touched that they would share a bit of their family vacation with us.  Grateful does not begin to explain how we felt at the end of this day.  Grateful for friends, for the opportunity to do things we rarely get to do, like paddle boarding, grateful for lunch over the campfire and favorite desserts, for conversation and laughter and smiles that come easily and last a long time.  For memories made that will come home with us and live on until the …

Peacocks and Prayer

Our third workshop at church was wonderful.  We created cards for the homebound parishioners.  The deacon at our church delivered them during his weekly visits.  I actually used the card story from Tiger Mom to explain that you need to do quality work and put forth effort to show that you care.  It is not enough to just draw a simple two line cross on a card and have the recipient feel that you cared.  This workshop was not about quantity.  I did not care how many cards we created.  I cared that the cards were beautiful and well made.  There is something magical about children’s artwork.  My favorite card was made by a 6 year old. 

We used my favorite tutorial site, to learn how to draw a peacock.  We talked, drew, prayed, colored, prayed some more and 90 minutes later we had cards to give to Deacon Joe.  

* there is no update for week #4 - no children attended the workshop.

Figuring It Out

When I was a teen I thought I would be a buyer for Bloomingdales and travel to Italy for the Fashion Week shows buying clothes with other people’s money.  I did not have a clue what to do to meet this goal, except learn Italian.  So I took two years of Italian in college and realized that my brain does not process a foreign language with ease.  My professor chuckled when I replied to a very basic question mostly in Spanish with some Italian thrown in for good measure.  The anxiety of speaking got the better of me and I skipped my oral final relying on my book work to carry me through.  Needless to say, I am not fluent in Italian and by senior year I really wanted to work in a non-profit doing good in the world but could not find a job despite sending out resume and cover letter after resume and cover letter.  I took the first job I was offered through a temp agency which gave me money to buy a car and then found a job I really did enjoy at an international relocation company where I s…

Book Club: Witch of Blackbird Pond

It is challenging to organize and host a monthly teen book club.  The girls don’t want to work off of an assigned book list and their genre preference is so strong that choosing their own book can be frustrating.  This month I suggested that they pick from the Newbury Award winners and they choose Witch of Blackbird Pond which thrilled me because I have wanted to do the walking tour of Old Wethersfield forever!  Visiting the place where a book it set brings the book to life better than a movie, or a unit study, or a discussion.  

Old Wethersfield is a day trip for us, and the old section of town is so small that we spent a few hours wandering and made it home in time to enjoy the afternoon.  Friends came with us which is always a nice change of pace for us.  Most of the time we wander and discover by ourselves, sometimes taking Greg along for the journey.

The setting of Hannah Tupper’s thatched home is now a business park so we wandered down the road a bit to meadows and we discovered h…