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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

So I was nominated for this blogger award by MamaLand’s daughter M!  She and my Lilah are penpals, Instagram buddies, texting partners, and lovers of all things natural.  I wish our families were not directly across the country from one another, but I do love that they have struck up a friendship despite this.  

Would You Rather live in an urban, rural, or suburban area?
This is tricky because when I am in a rural area like Tennessee I don’t want to come home and I think life would be really nice on a farm with horses and fresh eggs and rolling hills to gaze at while I drink my coffee on my front porch swing.  But then I realize I would be the one shoveling the horse manure, dealing with chickens lost to predators, and worrying about fresh water and feed during snow storms or heat waves.  I would not be good at this, so I support my local farms as much as I can.  

I know I cannot live in a truly urban area like New York City.  My husband, my mother and my brother all work in this city and while it has so much to offer, it also has dirt, grime, germs, noise and light pollution.  Its a nice place to visit, but I would never want to stay.

My dream is to have a winter home somewhere in Florida very close to the beach.  My dream, dream is to have a home on Sanibel Island, a small condo, with a lanai.  We would keep our Connecticut home to return home to in the blazing heat of summertime and escape to warmer breezes right after the first frost!

Favorite Animal to see at the zoo?
Generally I don’t like zoos.  I hate to see animals in captivity.  It breaks my heart to see the polar bear at the Central Park Zoo swim repetitively back and forth, back and forth.  I do support the zoos that focus on rehabilitation and release, like the Mystic Aquarium and it is impossible not to smile at a seal or sea lion when they pop up out of the water and smile at you.

Least Favorite Movie?
I was very disappointed with the summer release Max.  Usually I do my research on movies since I have one child who is hyper sensitive to violence.  I trusted the trailer and thought this was a happy story about a family dog.  I had no idea it focused on good Marine vs. bad Marine, gangs, bootleg video sales, arms trading, dog fighting, death.  Needless to say, it was not a favorite and I wish we skipped it.

 Favorite TV show?
I am watching Heartland with the girls and I love it as much as they do but my guilty pleasure right now is Hart of Dixie.  I just love it.  

Favorite Novel?
This is almost impossible to answer.  I have read so many books and I am not a huge re-reader.  Anything by Edwidge Danticat or Charles Dickens, and currently I am hanging onto every word of The Help, our current audiobook.  I love old Jane Green and old Jodi Picoult.  I love most of the books Target recommends and I am waiting for them to replenish their shelves since I have read most of their recommended reads.

Favorite Series?
Trixie Belden, the series that made me a reader

What's Your Style?
I am still figuring this out.  I love looking at catalogs and picking out outfits that I like.   My favorite catalog is Sundance and I would love to own everything in it.  However, my priority is horseback riding lessons, piano lessons, home renovations, not my closet.  My go to outfit in the winter is cowboy boots, Express  jeans, and a Henri Bendel cashmere sweater (which my husband fortunately gets at a discount).  In the summer it is a jersey skirt or linen pants and a white tee.  Simple.  Easy.  

What Camera Do You Use?
My iPhone 6 for day to day shots and my Canon T2i Rebel for those special trips and occasions.  I wish Apple would upgrade their camera to compete with Samsung and LG.  I dream of 16 mega pixels rather than 8 and if this change does not happen before my next upgrade, I am not sure if I will stick with Apple.  I love the features of syncing phones and my iCalendar and I love the ease of uploading photos to my Mac but it is just as easy to email the photos I want to save on my computer and skip the whole download process.

Favorite Month? 
October.  I love crisp leaves covering the ground, the smell of fall in the air, apple pie, harvest fairs, pumpkin pie, and the anticipation of the upcoming holidays.

Thanks so much for nominating me M! 


  1. I love this Jess. I've never heard of Sundance catalog. Off to look it up. October is my favorite month too. And Trixie Belden!!! I LOVED those books when I was young. I read them all.

    1. It's crazy expensive, but I like to look. I don't have a great sense of style and when I flip through I think, I'd wear that, and I'd wear that, but I have to recreate the look using what I already own!

  2. Excellent list Jessica! I'm excitedly waiting for October myself!

    1. Thanks Heather! I came to realize after my latest post that while October is by far my favorite month, I'm not going to rush it. We are having a slow start to our year and balancing lessons with life so that we can enjoy these summer days because a New England winter can be loooong. But I did get myself some new boots and I really can't wait to wear them!


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