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Collage Friday: Yes, we are busy

I don’t want to be part of the culture that glorifies busy.  “How are you?”  Busy.  “How was your day?” Busy.  When busy is all you are, people stop asking how you are.  They are busy.

I yearn for simple.  I crave peace and tranquility but the reality of my life is that I don’t often have peace and tranquility and I am very busy.  This is of my own doing.  I choose to take a non-paid part time job at church.  I choose to homeschool my kids knowing full well I am the sole teacher in this home since Greg works 2 hours from home.  I choose to get a puppy, underestimating the challenges that come along with an active breed.  I choose to take a risk and open this blog space up to advertising, something I have been toying with for a while.  

So I am busy, however, I am busy doing things that bring me joy.  

Baking for a community dinner serving the hungry
I find such joy in my church work. It is far more work than I dreamed of when I accepted the offer.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would be creating a religious education program centered around experiential learning.  Or running monthly catechist support meetings.  Or setting up classrooms.  Or designing a new youth group called Service Corps.  Never.  I would be lying if I said I have it all balanced and in control because I don’t.  However, when I sit at Sister Caroline’s old desk in our Parish Center and reflect on her legacy and how I am continuing it in my own way, all is well in my world.  

Our Not Back To School Day
I find joy in my homeschool life.  Yesterday was the first day of public school in our town.  The school buses rumbled by at 7am taking high school students to a brick building that is in shambles, scheduled to be torn down, with no air conditioning on a 90 degree day and I relish the fact that my 10th grader is upstairs sound asleep in her bed with that ginormous puppy by her side and her air conditioning on.  

One Year Adventure Novel
I find joy in my writing.  Thank you Grace and Lilah for pushing me to continue on with this space that I created so many years ago.  The blog books that line our bookshelves contain all of our family history over the past six years. So much history.  Trips.  Adventures.  Learning.  Lessons.  Projects.  Friends.  Family.   Ups.  Downs.  Laughter.  Tears.  Life.  Our life.  Our teachable moments.

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers


  1. I think "busy" is often really all those things we end up doing because we think we should -- but it sounds like all of your "busy" are good, soul-feeding things, and that's entirely different.

    1. I agree. The thing is the things I "should" be doing are not getting laundry, dusting, and meal planning and that causes me stress!

  2. I have always said that "Busy" is what makes me tic and that downtime in the past has usually been my enemy. Too much time to think and be anxious, but that all changed a month ago when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and knew in my gut that I needed to slow down some. This past month feeling awful pushed me into taking some downtime. Now I have to truly think about and choose wisely what I take own because I'm not super woman (no matter how much I want to be) and some things need to fall to the side. My family, tutoring students, and directing the Fine Arts Cooperative are the biggies. Having friends and family that can help me pick up the slack and learning to delegate are new to me - but very needed.

    1. Making your health a priority is a necessity. We cannot continue to give and give and give unless we give something to ourselves. I am learning that too. I hope you feel better and are able to balance your biggies and accept the help offered on the not-so-biggies!

  3. As Moms our days are filled to the brim. So you think we will miss them when the kids are off as adults??

    1. You know, I have asked myself this and honestly, I don't think I will miss it. I have always welcomed each stage of their lives. I don't often reminisce and crave the baby years. I did several years ago when I wondered if I wanted a third but since hitting 40, I welcome the era of teenagers and the independence it brings. Sometimes I think about what I want to do with Greg when we have the time to be an older married couple traveling and enjoying long lazy mornings with cups of coffee and expecting visits from our kids.....

  4. I have been overjoyed to look on my sleep teen as the bus rolls by at 6:40 am. So glad we have this time to keep learning together.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Even on my hardest days, when I wonder if they should be in school, I know for sure that as she sleeps and rests her body, that being home is what is right for her.

  5. I can't believe we've been homeschooling for so long... it just seems the norm, doesn't it? It's been wonderful to watch your family's life unfold through your blog!

  6. I have such mixed feelings about 'busy'. On the one hand I always say, "I hate being so busy all the time" and on the other I, like Diane, feel better when we are doing something and not just sitting around. I love all your 'busy'.

  7. I love simple. despise busy. thanks for the reminder :) great post.


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