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Fall and the Farm

I was talking to my Aunt the other day and she mentioned how tired I must be from taking care of my two sick girls.  I sighed and thought to myself how tired I really am.  I am bone weary tired and I don’t want to complain too loudly because pneumonia is a virus, an illness, it has a life span, it will go away and eventually my girls will be strong and healthy again.  I feel like I have no right to complain loudly when other Moms I know are dealing with more, so much more.  
This fall has not been what I had hoped for.  Grace looked at me recently and told me last year was so much better, and it was, but you know what?  Two months does not make a whole year and we can recover and revive and November is definitely the month for us to begin to celebrate 8th and 10th grades.  
We need to celebrate because we have hit a hard patch in our homeschool.  Being cooped up for over a month is not good for Grace who needs the interaction with people daily and honestly it is not good for Lilah and I…

In Our Own Backyard

Our weeks are pretty full.  Mondays we have riding and we get a bunch of work done in the morning.  Tuesdays we have an online math class, cello lessons and writing group.  Wednesdays we have babysitting and riding.  Thursdays are for sign language and Fridays are writing group and piano.  It’s a full week.  At this point nothing can be added without taking something away.
When I look through my IG feed or even just my camera roll I see pictures of us writing, of us at the beach, or riding, and there is a part of me that misses seeing pictures of us out and about learning outside of home, at museums, at parks, at aquariums, at the movies, at lectures, at bookstores, anywhere but at home.  
Some highlights this fall have been: Grace’s photography classTheir ASL class beginningFirst visit to Peabody Museum for history (Inca)Picking out Lilah’s cello in New Haven

That’s about it and that’s not enough.  It’s not enough for me to just give them book work without connecting it to life experienc…

Human Flaw

After much though, discussion and prayer I decided to step down from my role as the coordinator of our church’s faith formation program.  Of course I will continue doing my work until a replacement is found and in my heart I hope that is sooner rather than later.  I will stay on as a catechist until the end of the year, but balancing the administrative work on a volunteer basis with my full time job as a home educator and adding serious illness to it has been unbalanceable.  

I am a only a volunteer, yet I took my job seriously.  I gave it my heart and my heart is not so tough.  I never wanted to be an administrator when I was teaching because I never wanted to deal with parents and teachers and the continuous issues that arise when dealing with these two groups.  Issues have to be resolved and 99% of them are reasonable.  It’s the 1% that do me in.  I just wanted to teach and sadly I learned why I never wanted to be an administrator when I stepped into this role as a volunteer last ye…

I'm as happy as I choose to be

Yesterday I read about a woman who presented herself as perfect on social media and then was found dead in an New York apartment building lobby apparently of a drug overdose.  No one is perfect.  No one has a perfect life.  Money does not equal perfection.  A family does not equal perfection.  A steady job and income does not equal perfection.  Heck, even a strong religious conviction does not equal perfection.  

I hope my girls never look at blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and think that someone else’s life is “perfect” because we are all perfectly imperfect, searching to find our better selves, or maybe not searching all that hard.  Who knows?  We each walk our own journey towards happiness and like Tim Tebow posted today on IG, “I have found that most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” ~ Abraham Lincoln.  Wise words.  Wise too are the ones I listened to yesterday, the same day I read the story of the overdose, from Joel Osteen.  He shared the story of …

Fall 2015

This has been the strangest fall y’all.  Never in my 15 years of parenting have I had a season of illness like the one I am currently living through.  My kids have had it all, ear infections, strep throat, stomach viruses, and even the flu but nothing is like pneumonia.  The deep rattling cough, worse than the cough that accompanied their flu, rocks my core.  I hate it.  It literally hurts me to hear it.  I just got Grace well and now Lilah is down with it.  Her illness it slightly different and while the doctor can hear something in her lung, it did not show up on the xray so they are calling it bronchitis but giving her the same medication as Grace had for the pneumonia.  All of October has been devoted to doctor’s visits and getting my children well.  Through it all, we have worked on lessons, moving ahead in our work and following where our interests lead us.
What is working:
Science.  Grace still enjoys her Apologia Biology text.  We were told about the app that goes along with it …