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Fall and the Farm

I was talking to my Aunt the other day and she mentioned how tired I must be from taking care of my two sick girls.  I sighed and thought to myself how tired I really am.  I am bone weary tired and I don’t want to complain too loudly because pneumonia is a virus, an illness, it has a life span, it will go away and eventually my girls will be strong and healthy again.  I feel like I have no right to complain loudly when other Moms I know are dealing with more, so much more.  

This fall has not been what I had hoped for.  Grace looked at me recently and told me last year was so much better, and it was, but you know what?  Two months does not make a whole year and we can recover and revive and November is definitely the month for us to begin to celebrate 8th and 10th grades.  

We need to celebrate because we have hit a hard patch in our homeschool.  Being cooped up for over a month is not good for Grace who needs the interaction with people daily and honestly it is not good for Lilah and I because we settle into complacency.  We miss having a larger social network, have missed this for a year now, and we are not sure what the solution is, if it is school (we don’t think so), if it is joining an program like Classical Conversations (probably not unfortunately), or if it is out there waiting for us.  I pray, every night, that it is out there waiting for us.

In the meantime, we celebrate.  Last weekend we were strong enough to volunteer a few hours at our barn’s Fall at the Farm fundraiser in support of their animal assisted therapy program.  I did most of the legwork since it is a long walk uphill from the indoor ring to the stable.  The three of us brushed horses and ponies until they shined.  We swept the stable and set up chairs.  We arranged the dessert table and when the party was underway, we helped with the “unicorn” rides.  

The owner had a special connection and invited the Yale Whiffenpoofs, the oldest collegiate A Capella group in the country, to perform.  They were wonderful and it closed out a wonderful day.    We went home tired, sore, and happy.  This is the end of October, the end of our self imposed quarantine and the end of missing out on the fun stuff.  The bookwork will come, we will get back on track with history and math and science and it will all be okay.  We enjoy those things more when they are coupled with adventure and discovery and exploration.  We always have.  We may have missed the peak of fall but we intend to explore and discover the heck out of the start to winter!


  1. Glad the girls are back to feeling better. Enjoy whats left of your fall!

  2. I understand so well some of the feelings you have. I have the same concerns at times. The farm is beyond gorgeous. I love all the beauty that surrounds you. And I love that you take advantage of it.


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