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Wright's Farm Draft Horse Exhibition

One aspect to my record keeping is to continually search out opportunities that fit our areas of study.  Last year Grace earned one credit in horseback riding for Physical Activity.  Lee Binz states that if a child plays a high school sport it is automatically a credit.  In Connecticut, homeschoolers do not have the option to play on their local school teams, so we have sought out individual opportunities.  Last year her time was spent at lessons and at two horse shows where she competed.  

I have read threads on homeschooling Facebook pages questioning if a child should earn multiple credits in the same subject, for example Equestrian I, II, III and IV or just one credit.  I refuse to discredit my girls and not count what they are doing each year, especially if each year is more strenuous than the last.  I have also read that colleges are impressed by students who show dedication and determination in one area.  Ultimately it comes down to keeping a transcript that you as the educator, feel honors your child’s work and demonstrates their commitment, and accurately reflects their achievements.   I have to provide the opportunities to make each year more comprehensive than the previous year, which is why being a homeeducator is in itself, a full time job.  

This year the girls increased their riding time from one lesson to two lessons a week.  They are now completely independent in fetching their horse, grooming, tacking and untacking.  They have volunteered their time assisting with the Festival at the Farm in October and on November 1st, we attended a local draft horse exhibition.  This was not a huge event, but a gathering of draft horse enthusiasts, who held demonstrations and showed their animals.  We fell a bit more in love with draft horses.  

We are really looking forward to a large show next week where we will have the opportunity to attend workshops tailored to what we are most interested in.  I list these events in the course description of their “class”.  Equestrian Studies II, 2015-2016 will be filled with some pretty interesting, educational, as well as f-u-n opportunities.


  1. I'm with you on the transcript. My daughter will probably end up with Ornithology I, II and III. It would have been IV as well, but I've decided to list this year's birding and field courses as extracurriculars rather than a course. Not sure why - possibly because there is no reading or writing involved. If I included her trampolining she could have about 8 credits there- going by hours I could easily give her two credits per year. But we don't need a PE credit so I'm just saving all that for extra curriculars . I'll list the years she's been involved and her major achievements in that time. A transcript can (and possibly should) show depth as well as breadth - at least in my opinion.
    I love reading all about you experiences with horses. As a girl I loved them and when I was eight we moved to the country. I was so excited and begged my parents for a horse. They reluctantly said maybe. The first thing I did once we moved in was to go and visit the horse in the field across the road. Less than 5 minutes later I couldn't see a thing. Major allergies caused my eyes to swell shut (Among other things) and I didn't fully recover for several days. That was the end of my equestrian dreams much to the relief of my parents!

    1. What a sad story! My oldest Grace suffers from allergies but thankfully not bad enough to keep her off the horse. We have a huge horse adventure coming up tomorrow so stay tuned!


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