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The Cabin, Wilsonville, Alabama

When we travel we have to bring many things with us, like our pillows, food that meets our gluten free diet, our supplements, our cameras, and this time we even brought our coffee maker.  Often you can rent a home for less money than a hotel.  This was the case in Alabama.   I rented us a 100 year old cabin a half hour outside Birmingham.  The cabin was owned and operated by an equestrian center and came complete with free range goats and female longhorn cows, a few chickens and several horses.  

We did not ride here, as an introductory lesson was expensive, and our time was limited.  This was our home base, a place to sleep, eat, relax and enjoy nature.  At times we enjoyed a bit too much nature, like when Grace and I went to bring the garbage down to the barn and were met by the free ranging longhorns.  I was assured that they were female, but after seeing one scratch its horn against tree bark, that bit of information did nothing to  ease my fears.  

Grace wanted to explore and photograph the beauty of this place.  One morning the three of us woke at six am bundled up, and headed outside to the pond.  We kept a safe distance from the cows, avoided their patties, and meandered through the property.  We met what could possibly be the greatest horse ever.  We all fell in love with him, named him Dillon and really really wanted to trailer him home to Connecticut.  

This was an old home, complete with old home issues, but one we will always remember.  It reminded us of another old home we rented on Cape Cod, the one where the raccoons ran under the floorboards and every floorboard creaked when you stepped on it.  We slept well in this old home, and while it was drafty, it was cozy, and we enjoyed it with friends.  It was just perfect.


  1. I just smiled the entire time reading this. We had the most beautiful of times. Thank you from the bottom of both of our hearts. We MISS YOU ALL!!

  2. That look like such a perfect place!

    1. Not perfect, but very nice. There were a few negatives, like some pipes with no hot water, some rather large gaps in the wall that let in super cold night air but since our group was small it was not an issue. It would have been if we needed the third bathroom. I just love the idea of having a home to stay in versus a hotel room for trips. It makes life so much easier (and cheaper in the long run).

  3. What a treat of a place to experience!

    1. It was! There are moments of this trip I will never forget, like our morning walk and the cows!

  4. Did you drive up Highway 280 to get to Downtown Birmingham? If so, the Inverness area you passed through is where we lived. Also, Wilsonville is very close to where I spent my first 18 years of life😃

    1. Yes! It is such a beautiful area. What I saw of it reminded me a bit of the part of CT I am from (minus Long Island Sound)! We love TN/AL and whenever we leave, we look forward to our next return trip!

  5. Such a wonderful trip and so cool that you shared it with Keilee and Karen!

    We like renting a house when we travel, too. I like to have control over at least some of our meals and I think we are all fairly introverted in our family where we need some space to all just be alone for a bit every day. You are braver than I with that cabin, though and the night explorations! But it looks like a great, authentic place to stay for a trip like this!

    1. Not brave! I was scared but I had to get the garbage out or face raccoons and a giant mess. We need space too. Renting homes through sites like home away makes it so easy to get what you want at a price you can afford. It's so nice to be sharing thoughts with you again. Are you still blogging???


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