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Since I’m catching up here, I must share Lilah’s Confirmation which she shared with her cousin Courtney.

Back in September 2015, when I was the volunteer coordinator of the religious education program, Courtney asked if she could be confirmed at our church with her cousin.  Since she lives out of state, she was able to complete the curriculum, Decision Point at home using a free phone app and a journal.  She met several times with the Priest and emailed photos of her completed work.  
In some ways it was a long year.  Lilah was never connected with her class.  She homeschooled religious ed for 7th grade after a cell phone incident involving a picture happened and her teacher would not assist in helping her resolve it with the students and parents.  She lost trust, but thankfully did not lose faith.  She returned for 8th grade but it never got any better.  There was a huge disconnect between what the students were learning in class and how they lived their daily lives.  Just one example …

A New Church

My blog has become quiet again but last night I had a dream that I was able to publish my Instagram as a book that contained these long, detailed posts about each picture.  When I woke, I had this compelling feeling that I need to return to posting on my blog.  Time is moving so quickly and while I don’t feel compelled to share everything, I do want to share the highlights of what our life is like and what homeschooling high school is like for us.  
One thing I have not shared here is the shift my family has undertaking with where we are worshipping God.  In order to share the whole story I have to back up, way up, to July of 2015, when Karen took us to Epic Church in Decatur, Alabama.  This was the first time I can honestly say I understood what the Holy Spirit is.  I felt it come alive in me.  I’m not sure if it was the sense of community I felt, the welcoming I was given, the incredible worship music or the message through the sermon, I just knew I wanted to attend church here again…

Answered Prayer

It is so hard to believe that in just a few days I will have a high school freshman and a high school junior!  They were so little when we began this journey and now one is signed up for her driver’s permit and the other has her first official high school class beginning in July.  She already has a high school credit in language arts for OYAN and a partial credit for US History.  
It is time to put 2015-2016 to bed.  I am tired of dwelling on the year of sickness and injury.  We did not finish everything and frankly, it is what it is.  What we did, we did well, and what we did not finish, we will circle back to.  
We have some super exciting things planned for 2016-2017.  Things that I know will be great simply because they came to me through the grace of God.  I prayed hard for some changes, like a group to belong to.  The pain of losing so many friendships over the years has taken a toll on us.  We had some hard conversations about returning to school to be connected with more kids, m…