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Each in her own Way: Lead Week Day 3

Lilah has never had the opportunity to be an "only" child.  Grace has never left, and while I try to catch some alone time with the girls when I can, the truth is, we are together a lot.  A lot.  Lately it has become an issue and arguing and general irritation has been on the rise, which is understandable with two teens having polar opposite personalities and little living space.  This is one reason why we joined the educational coop, to give them room to breathe,  away from one another, to break up our week and expand our living/learning space.  

During this time is has become so evident to me why we have been having so many conflicts lately. Grace is ready to venture off and Lilah is not.  Grace loves being outdoors and Lilah does not.  Grace prefers busy and Lilah prefers slow.  Grace is get up and go and Lilah is get up and read.  Grace is a signer-upper and Lilah prefers to stay home.  Unlike Grace who gets bored easily when faced with a no-plans kind of day, Lilah relishes it.  

This week has given her some down time before the hectic pace of fall begins in two weeks.  She has read until the wee hours of the morning (she's currently reading Cinder) and shockingly has shown her face to me before the 8:00 hour!  She has crafted, slime created, birthday planned, painted, shopped, and had her most beloved kind of day, a pajama day.   While Grace was away from home filling her spirit and soul with adventure and adrenaline and conversation and friendship and Jesus, Lilah was filling hers with words and documentaries and art and experimentation.  They both will be ready to kick off the fall term, each in her own way.  


  1. We are a lot more like Lilah in our home, both my girls and I. Sometimes I see what everyone else is doing and wonder where the get the energy for all that get up and go! I wish we did more out of the house, but we really do learn best when we feel like we have unlimited time at home and dive in deep!

    1. It works out that every day will be out of the house at least for a bit but our start times will vary. Wednesday and Thursday will be slow starts (10:00) and even Monday we don't have to leave until 9:00 so all things considered it is not a bad schedule. BUT I know after a few weeks I'm going to hear grumblings about at home days. So I am going to build in some days off so we can have a pj day now and then....

  2. Oh yes, the fighting... it does seem to increase dramatically around this time of year each year. That's usually my clue to plan a lot more field trips and structured schoolwork to keep them occupied... this sounds perfect though because I know what my boys really need is time apart. It's tough being together all day most every day.

    1. I am eager to start our full programs beginning on the 9th. It was either send them to separate activities and classes or send them to school. I believe that for some families homeschooling brings siblings closer but I can honestly say that is not the case for us. Some days are very hard (and some are truly wonderful).


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