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Decision America: Hartford

Sometimes themes in our homeschool/family just happen without any intention on my part.  I don't plan for them and I don't create opportunities to develop them, the opportunities come to me.  I always follow these themes.

A while back I wrote about my feelings of uncertainty surrounding the upcoming presidential election.  I fear that no matter which candidate is elected, our country is in for some hard times.  I came across a quote by Andy Stanley that basically said, stop.  Just stop because our children are watching us and what we project, they internalize.  There is an election.  There are two candidates (major ones), and we have a choice.  The candidate may or may not reflect our values, our morals, our philosophies, our ideologies.  We have to choose the one that most closely aligns to our standards (or God's) and vote.  We vote for a President-elect, however, if we are seeking real, lasting change, we are looking in the wrong place.  Instead of looking at the horizon, worrying, wondering, hoping, fearing, championing a person, we should be looking up and praying, worshiping, and seeking God.  

This message has been presented over and over in our family.  First at Chris Tomlin's Worship Night in America, at our local event, Revive, and once again at Franklin Graham's Decision America tour which came to Hartford September 2.  Grace and I attended. Lilah went off to help Gram watch Jake for the day.  I'm so glad we took this opportunity and drove to Hartford to hear his message.  I know I cannot vote for one candidate.  No way, no how.  Never. So I do have a choice.  I can abstain my vote, or I can "hold my nose" and vote which is what I will do.  There is one candidate who will bring a conservative ideology back to the Supreme Court.  There is one candidate who has a Christian running mate (the other claims to be but supports abortion).  There is one candidate who has surrounded himself with men and women of character.  

This was an interesting day filled with prayer, patriotism and pride.  Grace is still a bit young to understand the implications of this election but I think she will always remember this day and the message that was preached.

On the way home we stopped at The Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford and then went out for bubble tea in West Hartford.  


  1. My mother's family are Republicans and my father's family (all union workers) are Democrats and my family has ALWAYS discussed politics, but when things get heated, someone always says, "We have to trust God" and everyone agrees. I may not agree with your decision of candidate, but I do believe that it is in God's hands and what is meant to be will happen. I've seen it in my own life, I don't always get what I pray for or want, but what I do get is always what I need.

    For several years I have wanted to read A People's History of the United States and A Patriot's History of the United States with the girls and show them how the two main parties think, where they differ and why and help the girls to figure out where they fit in on the political spectrum (I don't want them to blindly follow my political ideology). We have not started yet, I am still preparing (and hoping the kitchen is done soon because I can't really THINK about school right now with this mess) . Last night I read and took notes on A Patriot's Guide about character and God. I think it's going to be an interesting {school} year hopefully with a lot of good discussion and the girls will get as interested in this as I am. They are pretty interested in the election, so I think they will.

    1. I think that if faith is at the center then it removes the impulse for nasty politics. I am not praying to God for a candidate to "win", I am praying that no matter the outcome, He is present. I'm tired of debate on news networks, the yelling on talk radio, and the anger on social media that comes from polarized opinions. Our children have to know the issues, know the platforms, know themselves well and make decisions in the political arena. I love your study idea. You should keep track of what you do and put it out as an ebook. Bringing balance back into America sure sounds good right now!

  2. I totally agree. Although in the past I have had candidates I like, I have never prayed for them to win but for God to be present; I have always put it in his hands and trusted Him with the outcome. I have my ideas, but He is ultimately the one I trust.

    I want the girls to understand history from both a conservative and liberal perspective. It really upsets me when people have strong opinions on one side, but have no idea and close themselves off to understanding other points of view.

    I am tired of the media coverage and the social media memes and reposts about the election. I have been unfollowing people on social media that post about the election from either side - and in many cases that is family members! I am looking forward to November 9.


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