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And then some...

In a recent sermon at church, Pastor Steve talked about the concept "and then some" in his awesome sermon titled Aiming for Excellence.  He based it on Colossians 3:23-24 "Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord, rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance.  It is the Lord Christ whom you serve."

Give the best in all you do, especially at home because you only get ONE life and there is too much at stake to aim short of your personal best.  We open ourselves up to God's best when we aim for excellence in every situation.  For a while this message of "and then some" kept replaying in my mind.  I should give my kids my best and then some.  I should give Greg my best and then some.  I should give my housework my best and then some.  Because in these in "then somes", I am able to bless others.

Grace decided to get a hair cut to bring bounce back to her hair and free up time from exc…


Life is short, I want to live it well.  One life, one story to tell.  - Switchfoot

Lake Hume

A year ago I dreamed that my girls would have opportunity for two things: retreats and missions.  Through answered prayer, we are now in a place where both are open to them.  Grace returned from her first retreat changed in so many wonderful ways.  She is more mature, more independent, more capable, more grounded in her faith.  She is committed to leadership, to fusing her talents and her faith, and to exploring the options that God presents to her.  
In her youth group she has found friendships that are true and honest and grounded on commonalities that extend beyond faith and worship.  Lilah is building relationships, having come to youth group in September.  She passed on the most recent retreat in favor of waiting until her relationships are solidified.  Determination is a trait both my girls share and I have no doubt that when she says she will attend the winter retreat, she will and she too will come back a slightly more grown up version of the girl who left.

The October retreat d…

Settling In

I have learned over the years not to post too much about what we plan to do for the upcoming year because things change.  It takes a month to solidify a schedule and determine what is working and what is not working.  So here we are a month in and I'm happy to say that just about everything is working.  However, there are a few things that are not going so well and the beauty of homeschooling is that we get to make changes that fit our schedule and our kids' interests and learning styles.

Grace loves ASL.  She began studying this language in 8th grade because we knew the more traditional languages like Spanish or French would be challenging for her.  She excelled in sign language because it matches her learning style.  She and Lilah studied in classes and with tutors for three years.  Eventually we decided to try The Sign Language Center in Manhattan for 2 ½ hour complete immersion classes.  She loves it.  I wish they had satellite classes in Connecticut because the commute is …

Carnegie Hall

We have seen Kutless, 7th Time Down, Chris Tomlin with guests Matt Redman, Matt Maher, Phil Wickham, Tasha Cobbs, Kim Walker-Smith, and pastors Louie Giglio and Max Lucado.  We have been to the Hillsong movie, Let Hope Rise, and we have heard Franklin Graham preach.  Now we have added Francesca Battistelli and Lauren Daigle to that ever growing list.  This event officially ended the celebration of Grace's 16th birthday.

Back when she was just a little girl, just five years old, we were in the city to see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center and look at the window displays on 5th Avenue.  She was in awe of the city, just as she still is now.  Her eyes were full of delight and wonder as she craned her little neck to see to the top of Rockefeller Center.  I told her that once upon a time I went to a Christmas party there, at The Rainbow Room, and it was magical.  She asked when she could go and I promised her we would go as a family when she turned 16.  

Sixteen year old Grace i…

Having a Plan

Growing up I had a best friend who loved to dance.  When I would go over after school the rugs would be rolled up and she would practice her ballet or tap or jazz before we could hang out and play.  Their living room was her ballet studio and her calloused feet were her trophies.  She was a dancer.  School was just something she had to do until she got old enough to dance full time.  After graduation she worked for Disney and went on to have a family and over the years we lost touch and I'm not sure where she is or what she is doing now, but I'll bet it has something to do with dance.

What do you do when you have a child with interests that don't fall within a traditional education framework? Grace feels about photography the way my friend did about dance.  It is all she wants to do, well, that and music.  She starts her day with new product releases from Olympus. She watches YouTube tutorials on product usage or technique.  She does not dream about owning her own car, sh…