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New Hampshire Getaway

Even though October was filled with many, many fun events (Switchfoot, Carnegie Hall, fall retreat, mens' retreat), it was also filled with many, many obligations to fulfill like driver's ed, homework, band practice, and late work nights.  Many days passed in a blur.  The miles driven added up.  My energy level dropped.  A break was definitely needed.  Back in August, Greg's vacation to the Cape was cut short due to work obligations and we said we would make up for it in the fall.  If we are not intentional about stepping away, we won't.  We could do a staycation but the house, the dog, errands, chores all keep us from enjoying a state of true relaxation so I booked a winterized cabin in Moultonborough, New Hampshire on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee.

Our only goal was to relax.  If that meant wandering around, so be it.  If that meant watching four days of movies, so be it.  We had no plans, no agenda, no obligations, no itinerary.  It was glorious.  Wednesday we wandered up through Keene, NH and then cut across the state.  We shopped in Keene, visited tack stores with adorable puppies, chuckled at all the Trump signs in a state knows for being solidly blue, and ate at a fantastic sandwich shop themed around superheroes.

Thursday called for rain so after breakfast we took a ride north to Littleton, New Hampshire, the cutest town ever.  Candy shop, book store, coffee shops, music stores, the library, cool artwork and friendly people.  From there we wandered to the base of Mt. Washington.  Grace's heart was a bit broken over the fact that the auto road is closed for the season due to snow but this mama's heart was happy because there is no way I would/could ever make it up winding, narrow roads with no guard rails and steep ravines.  Nope.  Nor could I do the train, or the tram.  No way, no how.  Since it was off the table, it was a non-issue.  Instead we marveled at the incredible sights to see.

Wandering for us = photography.  Grace rented herself an Olympus 7-14mm f2.8 pro lens from  They offer weekly rentals shipped to your home.  She loved this lens and it allowed her to capture images that the rest of us were not able to with our cameras.  For the record, I am now taking most of my own pictures again.  Fed up with asking my girls for their pictures for my Instagram account, my family gave me an early birthday present, a Sony camera with 18 megapixels that is smaller than my phone.  It goes everywhere with me and I can download pictures to my phone on the go using built in wireless.  So cool!

Friday rained and we rested.  We ate at a great homestyle turkey restaurant, went to bed early then packed up and left early Saturday morning.  Short.  Sweet.  Special.


  1. Sounds & looks lovely! We love Lake Winnipesaukee, though we have never been with our kids.


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