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Christmas 2016

December 2016

A Tennessee Thanksgiving

I'm squeezing a few posts in before 2016 comes to a close and 2017 is ushered in with joyful anticipation.  Thanksgiving was celebrated in Tennessee and it gave us an opportunity to realize that if we are truly Christ followers, then when we are faced with challenges and adversity, we are to remain steadfast in our trust of the Lord and His eternal lovingkindness.

Our adventure began as most do, with excitement and expectation of what is to come.  We stopped at The Crayola Factory in Easton, Pennsylvania and in Bristol, Tennessee (and Virginia).  

We drove windy back roads and discovered Davy Crockett's homestead and brushed up on his connection to Andrew Jackson.

We arrived at Greg's parents house Sunday afternoon and we were a bit surprised that his mother did not look so well, or feel so well for that matter.  

(Grace practiced photography with the help of her first teacher, Gus)

On Monday she was admitted to the hospital due to issues with her breathing.  She is fine now an…