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Unshaken Northeast April 28-29, 2017

I have two journals that I write in, my blog journal and my faith journal.  I share my blog journal because without fail, whenever I think of quitting, someone reaches out to me through email, this blog, or Instagram to let me know they have found encouragement here.  
My faith journal is quite different.  Perhaps I will share it one day, but not now.  It chronicles my journey from a denominational faith structure to discovering my friendship with Jesus in a non-denomination, evangelical church.  Today however, I do want to share one very special entry; my reflections after attending my first Moms in Prayer meeting at church.
“After years of not writing, the desire to journal has returned, and returned with a powerful need to record what is happening both in me and in my family.  Glory to you God, the most powerful God, the God who has always been and always will be, for your love is a true and awesome love and your grace has washed over me.  This is the second day in a row I have woken…

In the details

Over and over I tell myself that God is in the details.  I think He can’t possibly know or care about the little details of my life because I am just a drop of water in the huge ocean of humanity, yet He hears me when I speak.  I was feeling a bit worn out and purposefully kept the calendar light this week.   I thought we would see a movie, visit my Aunt, and do a bit of work.  I needed to slow down in order to fill myself up.  

In an odd way, I got exactly what I said I wanted.  A nor’easter blew through Monday whipping up some crazy waves at Silver Sands State Park and my weather girl/photographer thought she could get in some driving time in windy conditions and get some cool pictures.  The Connecticut driving laws are a bit overprotective in that while under a learner’s permit, Lilah cannot be in the car while Grace is driving.  This restricts her practice and is often why Lilah is lacking in pictures lately.  I find it absurd, but rules are rules.

The wind was whipping sand everywh…

Modern Calligraphy

Our year has never ever run like a traditional school year.  We end and begin things all the time.  When someone I knew opened up a paper store in a nearby town, I asked if she would teach a class during her day off.  She agreed to teach a 6 week modern calligraphy class to my girls and three of their friends.  To say they are a bit obsessed is putting it mildly.....

They are completely inspired.  Lilah has been writing in cursive and calligraphy for ever.  She likes to add words to some of her paintings.  Grace never really expressed interest before until now.  She thinks that with the right writing instrument, she can write over photographs.  That will be pretty cool. 

We are two weeks in and they have worked on brush strokes and several letters.   This may go down as an all time favorite class!

Dresses for Swaziland

January brought a new semester in our Friday coop.  New choices, but for the most part, their day looks the same.
Grace:  Worship Band (ukelele), semi-private guitar lesson, Dresses for Missionaries (sewing) Lilah: Worship Band (cello/singing), figure drawing, yearbook
The biggest change this semester is for me!  Parents participating in this coop must work two of the three hours.  Last semester I supervised a dance class, had one hour free to chat with the other mothers, and my last hour I was a floater, being placed wherever there was a need.  This semester I will be an aide in a dissection class, have one hour free and I will teach a sewing class, even though I am barely proficient in sewing!
Last summer I read a Guidepost magazine given to me by my sister in law, and I came across an article about Little Dresses for Africa, an organization that sends dresses made from pillowcases to girls in Africa.  These dresses fulfill a need in terms of clothing, but more importantly, they give an…