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Unshaken Northeast April 28-29, 2017

I have two journals that I write in, my blog journal and my faith journal.  I share my blog journal because without fail, whenever I think of quitting, someone reaches out to me through email, this blog, or Instagram to let me know they have found encouragement here.  

My faith journal is quite different.  Perhaps I will share it one day, but not now.  It chronicles my journey from a denominational faith structure to discovering my friendship with Jesus in a non-denomination, evangelical church.  Today however, I do want to share one very special entry; my reflections after attending my first Moms in Prayer meeting at church.

“After years of not writing, the desire to journal has returned, and returned with a powerful need to record what is happening both in me and in my family.  Glory to you God, the most powerful God, the God who has always been and always will be, for your love is a true and awesome love and your grace has washed over me.  This is the second day in a row I have woken up with worship lyrics in my mind. Yesterday it was Lauren Daigle’s Trust in You and today I sing, "your love washes over me, washes over me, for you are for us, you are not against us....” so that is my faith prayer for today.  You are for us, you are not against us.  

“If God be for us, who can be against us?” 
Romans 8:31

God is for us.  Simple.  Last night as I drove home from my very first Moms in Prayer meeting, I reflected on how simple it really is.  I left washed in peace.  I have never, ever, spoken prayer for my child, let alone someone else's.  The power in hearing another woman pray for your child is life changing.  It is real and tangible and touching.  I want this community of praying women in my life.  I want to call them friends.  I want to drink tea or coffee with them, learn who they are and how they came to this place of faithfulness.  I want to learn how they find the eloquence to talk about a child they have never seen, never met, as if they know them personally and deeply.  A day at the spa may give you relaxed muscles but it is fleeting.  A few hours of prayer gives you true rest.  We moms are chasing the wrong thing.  We are chasing peace and calm and quiet and rest amid our very busy lives and we are chasing it in the wrong places.   I may not have the “time” to add a Monday night prayer group to my week.  Grace has her youth group Tuesday, I have my small group Wednesday, date night is Thursday, but this is essential.  This will make me not only a better Christ follower, but a better mother, wife, sister, daughter, self.”

Why share this?  There is something very special happening this April at Black Rock Church in Fairfield, Connecticut.  

Moms in Prayer is sponsoring Unshaken, an event gathering women from 11 states (WVA-ME).  We have national speakers attending as well as local speakers:

  • Secret Keeper Girl/Pure Freedom Founder and Best Selling Author, Dannah Gresh (Speaker/Partner), 
  •  Pulse Movement Founder/Together 2016 Visionary and Author, Nick Hall (Speaker/Partner), 
  • Moms in Prayer President, Sally Burke (Speaker), 
  • K-Love President and CEO, Mike Novak (Speaker/Partner), 
  • Video message specifically for Unshaken, delivered by the Kendrick Brothers (War Room Producers/Directors), 
  • Personal testimonies from women who have remained unshaken in times of trouble through prayer, 
  • Operation Christmas Child/Samaritan's Purse (Speaker/Sponsor), 
  • Young Life/Young Lives (Speaker/Partner), 
  • Hopeline (Partner), 
  • National Day of Prayer (Partner).

Through this event, I hope to further my understanding of how to stand UNSHAKEN in a shaken world. I hope to learn how prayer truly does makes a difference; in my life, in my friendships, in my marriage, in my children's lives, in my church, in my community, and in my world.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN. Cost is $50. Scholarships and Hotel discounts are available.

If you find encouragement here, would you please forward this on!


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