Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Winter Shelling

I miss the beach.  I miss the girls having their ASL class in the beach neighborhood of our town.  That was my weekly hour of sand and Jesus.  It was my peace, my relaxation, my “me” time.  I suppose I could drive to the beach and park for an hour, but I never seem to take that time for myself.  

One warm-ish day we decided it was time for a little shelling.  The sun was shining, the tide was low, and the finds were good.  No matter how gray the snow and sky are in the middle of a New England winter, there is always color at the beach!


  1. Such pretty shells to be found! I am missing the beach too but know it's only a few more months away...

    1. We have no idea what the bottom shell is. The closest thing we can find is a Hairy Triton but those are found in HI, certainly not in CT! It was buried in the sand and appeared to be there for some time but I wondering if someone dumped out their shell collection on our beach!

  2. This is just one reason I would love to live near a beach. Such beauty. So many amazing hours you have all shared over the last few years.


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