Monday, April 20, 2009

What to do?

April 20, 2009

I have not been very active with my pledge to take on the Town Council. Honestly, I lost some of the drive to do it. After my intense budget review feelings subsided, I was hit with the month-long test taking nightmare that is otherwise known as the CMTs. That experience literally left me lethargic. I again questioned my faith in public education. Despite being an educator, I did lengthy research on home-schooling when my children were younger. I know that someday I will look back and will have regrets that I did not educate of my children. I know that the “primary teachers” of children are parents, but I also know that the influences and experiences they have when they leave my home are out of my control. Yet, I am the one that must do damage-control. Because of my faith based conservative views, I have pulled my children out of the Good Touch Bad Touch program. I have pulled them from dental screenings. I have pulled them from field trips and I have openly questioned videos shown in school. I have never questioned myself about knowing what is best for my child. I do question how well I would do managing my children’s polar opposite personalities in a home school setting. For that reason alone, I signed my oldest child up for Kindergarten. Yearly, I have an issue that makes me question if the decision to enroll was the right one for us.

So this year, I have begun to explore other options that are available to parents. I have spoken with parents that home school their children. I have applied to 6 to 6 magnet school and cross my fingers and pray daily that the girls are accepted. I have visited several catholic schools and begun to explore job options so that I can pay for tuition - if that is a decision we make as a family.

On that back burner of all this decision making is the carpet issue at school. I don’t want the role of public activist if I am going to withdraw my children from their school at the end of the year. So for now, I look at my signatures and I wait to see how the next few weeks progress.

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