Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Before sending my certified letter of withdrawal, I was encouraged to join a legal defense fund. I chose to join HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Fund) www.hslda.org. For a yearly membership fee, families are provided with legal advise and if needed, legal representation. I equate it to an insurance policy. Hopefully I would not face opposition from my school district, but a plan would be in place should the need arise. As part of my research, I found that my district has no documented record of hostility towards homeschooling families.

Today I placed my first call for advice. The Board of Education sent me a letter acknowledging my letter of withdrawal. Rather than complying with my stated date of 12/24/09, they made her withdrawal effective immediately. By the time I got to the office of my daughter’s school, she had already been removed from the office computer records. I explained that an error had been made on their part and my letter was not adhered to. I stated that my daughter would be continuing on as an enrolled student until the stated date. Then I went home to wait for the Superintendent to return my phone call. While waiting, I placed the call to HSLDA for advice. The assistant I spoke with explained this is very unusual and it is technically not a legal matter for my daughter is enrolled until the date I stated on my original letter. Shortly after my conversation ended, the Superintendent returned my call. She explained an error must have been made and of course L can continue as requested until the 24th.

I am thankful that I was referred to the HSLDA. The peace of mind they were able to give me as I navigate my way through this process is well worth the fee to join.

Expect glitches.

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