Thursday, December 17, 2009


Social and Socialization are two very different words:

Social - relating to pleasant companionship

Socialize - adapt to social needs, participate in a social gathering.

Source: Webster’s New Dictionary.

My daughter is a social child. I enjoy every moment I spend with L. She is lively, vivacious, and humorous. Her wit is sharp and intelligent. Often, her humor goes unnoticed by other children but makes an impression on adults in her company. She is generous, giving much of her time making gifts of art and poetry for those she loves. She is an avid reader and enjoys discussing the books she reads. L participates in her weekly Sunday school class with 15 other children. She has participated in church groups and last year sung in the children’s choir at a monthly mass. She has attended dance lessons, performed in two recitals and a Christmas Pageant. She takes piano lessons and recently performed in her first piano recital.

L is a social child. Within all these groups she is also a socialized child.

I do not agree with the opinion that removing a child from school will impair their ability to be social. It is only in school where L is not able to adapt to the needs of the situation. Perhaps this is because she is not comfortable in this environment for 7 hours a day. There are many reasons that cause her discomfort but it is the discomfort that prevents her from being herself. In school she buries her personality deep within. She becomes shy and withdrawn. She speaks in a whisper. During spring conferences last year, her first grade teacher shared that L was finally starting to participate in class. Her teachers and classmates have never seen the side of L that our friends and family outside of school see. She holds all her energy inside and saves it until she is comfortable, until Friday at 3:00 p.m.. In my opinion, school is impairing her socialization.

As part of her learning at home, L has joined a group that meets weekly at a local community center. She readily made new friends and enjoys playing cards and creating art with them. She has signed up for a pottery class at an art school in New Haven and is continuing her piano lessons. Her Sunday school class will continue and she hopes to participate in the Kids Forum that will be held in January and either recite a poem or play a song on the piano.

I believe that removing L from school will be the best thing I can do for her “socialization”.

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