Monday, January 25, 2010


It has been almost a month of homeschooling. Some highlights:

  • so many new friends- Lilah now has at least seven new friends who are also learning at home
  • six playdates, a field trip, two trips to playgroup, several trips to the library and lunch with her new friends at IKEA
  • attended a gymnastics birthday party for a public school friend
  • checked out a geography bee
  • picked out yarn for her blanket
  • started new swimming class
  • started new pottery class
  • joined a homeschool Brownie Troop
  • was given a Mozart piece by her piano teacher to compliment our composer study
  • likes math for the first time, choosing it over television at night
  • completed three lapbooks: Family History, Squirrels, and Frogs
  • knows the difference between a vertebrate and an invertebrate
  • has memorized the poem The Caterpillar and is working on her second poem
  • knows the definition of a noun
  • enjoys mixing watercolor paint
  • is participating in a Chinese New Year festival
  • able to read past her bedtime and picks books about Egypt to read!
  • now eats three meals a day
  • not one nightmare....not one!

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