Friday, January 22, 2010

Very Cool

Wednesday we made our first field trip to the Peabody Museum at Yale University. We have been studying ancient history and are currently exploring ancient Egypt. We have read about the flood plains of the Nile, the battle between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt and the birth of Egyptian Mythology. She has drawn ancient symbols in her sketchbook, read books like Tomie DePaola’s Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile and inquired about practice of mummification, which she read about on her own.

Taking her to the Peabody this week connected this learning to the artifacts at the museum. She ran her hands over the relief tiles commenting to herself how very cool it was to see the things she has been reading about in person.

I told her that the Metropolitan Museum of Art also has an Ancient Egyptian wing and that she will find it amazing too. “Oh Mom....I don’t need any more coolness! This is so cool, it is all I need!”

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