Friday, January 8, 2010

Week In Review

I am still processing my thoughts and feelings about this week. There are so many things I want to say about it but my brain jumps from one topic to the next too quickly to write coherently right now.

Here are some quotes from Lilah I jotted down in my journal throughout the week:

Jessica: “What do mammals do when they are in a group?”

L: “Date?”

“Grammar is my best part of the day!”

“Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a noun!” This led us to jumping ahead to discuss proper nouns since it could not be added to our web of common nouns.

“Math is so much more fun now....just to let you know”

“It’s fun having school with my dogs!”

“I learned that up to 10 in one place is okay. After that you have to regroup.”

Perhaps my best memory of this week was during the night last night. Because of an spontaneous sleep over for G, L slept in bed with me. About 5:00am I heard L tossing and turning. I despaired because I thought she was crying in her sleep, a sound I am much to used to hearing. I immediately thought, “oh no, not again." I thought she was getting better since I have not heard crying for awhile now.

I was thrilled when I realized the sounds she was making as she lie asleep dreaming were not sobs, she was laughing in her sleep! Sweet dreams L.

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mamak said...

Looks like you two are cruising along. And guess what, it gets better! Have a blast, see you soon!

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