Friday, February 5, 2010


When L was being toilet trained she would sit and sit and sit. I would try to be as patient as I could but patience is something I am learning later rather than sooner. She would see my face and wonder what I was thinking and ask me “Mommy, are you mad?” No L, I am not mad. “Mommy are you angwy?” No L, I am not angry. “ Mommy, are you fwustrated?” Yes, L I am frustrated but that is okay, you keep trying.

Now I see her sitting attempting to do her lessons at home her mind full of things other than learning, or just other than the learning I am presenting at the moment. My face must betray me. “Mom, are you angry at me?” Not at all honey. “Mom, are you mad?” Nope, I have nothing to be mad about. “Mom, are you frustrated?” I can just catch the little lisp that remains from her toddler talk and I smile. Sometimes I can get frustrated, sweetie. But that is okay. We are going to figure this out together and you just keep on trying.

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