Monday, February 8, 2010


A friend taught me a lesson about parenting last week. In my house growing up, adults were adults, kids were kids and sometimes the two would mix. If adults were talking, kids were not and more likely than not, the kids were not to be seen while the adults were talking. So, when I was talking with my friend about a book we both read, Free Range Kids, G interrupted asking a question about the premise of the book. Without thinking I sighed, and rather than answering her question, I commented that she really should be upstairs playing with the other children...all who were not interrupting the adults. She was just curious. Here she was watching, listening to two adults hold a conversation about a book! My biggest wish for my children is for them to share my love of language by reading constantly and learning to write with their own voice. Here was an opportunity for me to model that to my child and I blew it. Instead my friend answered her question, for which I was very grateful.

This led me to question my old model of parenting. Why not include my girls in more conversations with my friends and family? G was not being rude, she was not asking an inappropriate question, she was just curious. My hope is that I never again squash that budding curiosity and instead look at it for what it is - a teachable moment.

Thanks friend!

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