Monday, February 15, 2010


For Valentine’s Day L put an impressive amount of effort into pouring through the Oriental Trading Catalog to select the perfect gift for her sister. To make sure this was reciprocated, I put a bee in G’s ear that she should do something little for L. G does not do anything “little”. She and her dad when to Taget where they got L the cd she wanted - the one advertised while she is watching iCarly on Nick - Kids Bop 17. Dad did not scan the titles of the songs, and even if he did, he would not know the lyrics since we only listen to xm satellite radio and I do not like most Top20 music. When we put the cd on to listen to kids badly cover the pretty decent original songs, Lady Gaga’s song Paparazzi came on. I don’t know if I can write her lyrics for fear of copyright infringement but to summarize, the song is about a fan stalking a singer until he loves her. I had a flashback to my father who censured my listening to Madonna and the Beastie Boys and I told them I would put the cd on their ipods, but I am leaving off the song I find offensive. “Why?” I was asked.

I am finding myself delving into pre-teen issues with my girls lately. I had to explain that there is a difference between Taylor Swift singing about liking a boy at school and being disappointed because he likes another girl and liking a boy and following them around trying to make them like you back. Ironically, I said that young “Ladies” do not behave that way. They got it.

Tomorrow I will probably post about how disappointed I was that Carly used her internet show to find a date to the dance....which led to another discussion about never ever ever ever using the internet to meet people you don’t know.

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