Wednesday, February 3, 2010


What I am enjoying the most about this experience is the time we have to delve deeper into the topics we are covering. I choose not to move at the pace of one chapter of Story of the World per week because she is so into ancient Egypt. We made of model of the Nile River, flooded it with water and watched grass grow. This involved time for planning, finding material, a trip to Home Depot and the creation of the model. When we learned the difference between Cuneiform and Hieroglyphs (my learning is keeping pace with hers), she wanted to take out the clay and make a clay tablet with the words "I Love You" written in Cuneiform. When the tablet is dry, she wants to give it to her father as a Valentine’s gift. That took about an hour.

I make sure that the lessons I require: math, grammar and writing are done before starting the other topics that she can spend hours on should she choose. Because she struggles with math, when she is giving me attention, I stay with it until her interest wanes. This may mean she does two lessons, or has a significant time for practice. Today it meant we were able to spend an hour on addition and subtraction with regrouping and were able to play a round of Countdown.

Where time causes difficulty is in trying to tie in the life of homeschooling with that of public school. I feel very much caught between two worlds. In order to chaperone G’s trip Friday, I have to find someone to watch L all day long. Doctor’s appointments can be a challenge. We can be in the middle of something engaging and we have to put it aside to pick G up at 3:05. I feel that even though we are learning at home, our day still follows closely to a “school day” because G is at school. I feel disconnected from my former PTA participating, hallway painting, volunteering “school” mom. I don’t want to take anything away from G’s experience in public school but I find myself resenting the strain caused by trying to straddle the two vastly different worlds successfully.

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