Friday, February 12, 2010

What if....

What if I never met J at church?

What if I never switched to OLOP church?

What if I never had the courage to introduce myself?

What if I told L she just had to deal with school?

What if I did not read the right books to give me the confidence to homeschool?

What if I waited until summer like I planned?

What if I never found the Eagan Center online?

What if M was not welcoming?

What if I never had the phone call to inform me P was homeschooling?

What if I never had been invited to A’s house?

What if G did not support me?

What if GW came home too?

I am so thankful.


Lion Math said...

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mamak said...

I love your what if's. life is amazing, huh?

Jessica said...

It sure is. I have honestly never been more at peace and it's not just because of homeschooling. I think the decision just set so many other things in motion and as a result I am a very happy lady!

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