Friday, March 26, 2010

Beethoven Day

L enjoyed reading Ludwig Van Beethoven: Getting to Know The World's Greatest Composers. We put his information into our Book of Centuries. I love our book! Now that we have several entries including Abraham, Sargon, as well as Mozart, and a relative who immigrated from Poland, we can see history coming alive before us. We know that our relative lived at the same time as Beethoven, something we never would have realized had we not been keeping this book. We noticed that the anniversary of Beethoven's death is today, March 26th. L decided to proclaim today "Beethoven Day"! To mark this occasion we listened to a fabulous story on our ipod: Beethoven Lives Upstairs. We downloaded ours on itunes. Then we made cookies, well, L made the cookies, I was her assistant.

L wants to study Joseph Haydn next as he was one of Beethoven's instructors. Learning is sweet! Both literally and figuratively!

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