Thursday, March 11, 2010

In her own words

A recent journal entry from L:

I love being homeschooled. It’s like the best thing that ever happened to me! I think every body should be homeschooled including my sister G. It is very hard to get to where I want to go when G is in school. But I still get to do alot of cool things. I’ve made alot of new friends. In the spring I get to do my lessons outside! Every Friday we bake a different dessert! My sister and my dad love testing my treats. My favorite subject is probably Art or Grammar. Another one of my lessons is practicing the piano. I love learning new songs on the piano. I also get alot of free time, more than you would get in school. Any you can have snack almost any time you want and in school you would get one or even zero snacks. I think school is much worse than being homeschooled. When I was in school I thought not alot of people were homeschooled but I was wrong! When you first get started, you will have some bad days where you will not want to do anything. I am only in second grade. I have learned multiplication and division! You get to spend more time with your Mom or Dad. Alot of times I bring a stuffed animal downstairs like Marty, and they spend the day with us. You can also do alot of different activities, I do camp, brownies and I used to do swimming. You get your work done . I just love being homeschooled. You get more playdates because you do not get to see friends. I am just waiting till the end of the year because I think my sister G will be homeschooled. If it is a snow day we get to play outside! Same thing with warm days! Some lessons we do are art, math, history, grammar and all that stuff. My mom talks to me like a kindergartner sometimes and it is so annoying!

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mamak said...

You are annoying, ha ha! Look how happy she is about school!

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