Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pros and some Cons

There are not many blogs I have found that focus on what the first year of homeschooling is like. When I began researching my choice to homeschool, I found a Examiner blogger in who was in her first year of being a homeschool family. Like me, she has two daughters, my girls’ ages. From what she wrote, their personalities were similar and her reasons for removing them from public school were similar. I thought I found a beacon on light to guide me on this journey. Her latest post was that she is “quitting” homeschooling and returning her daughters to public school. Her reasons were self-described as selfish. She has too many things to get done that she cannot do while her daughters are home. I don’t judge her decision. But it lead me to think what are the real cons to homeschooling? To me, there are not many, and they are manageable but they should be addressed.



the ability to spend time with your child exploring what interests them as well as the basics

house is cluttered with learning material

being able to have out of the house learning adventures that are not available to public school children

laundry can pile up quickly and quickly pass the point of out of control

customizing a curriculum that meets your child’s needs and interests

taking kids to your doctor appointments

being able to learn for mastery

having to schedule personal appointments on weekends

no exposure to the detrimental aspects of public school

running errands takes up weekend time

no reliance on a schedule set by outside influences

balancing the parent/teacher relationship

spending as much time as your child deems necessary to explore an interest area

no sick days

no sick days

Really there is no comparison. My husband is committed to this choice and helps with the housework and errands on weekends - despite working 75 hours a week commuting 2 hours one way to Manhattan. If my doctor does not understand why my child is with me, then I change doctors. My non-homeschooling friends seem to understand why my house looks so differently now. My dining room table has a center piece of books, rather than of flowers. My window seat has art supplies and works in progress rather than cushions and throw blankets. That’s okay....I can still brew a pot of tea, bake a bread and serve it on mismatched plates. Just push aside the books.

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mamak said...

I have never really considered howit makes life different as we have never experienced the other sides. Like in everything of course there are cons and pro's. But I guess it boils down to how self sacrificial a person you are, and how passionate you are about the journey.

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