Saturday, April 3, 2010


A friend facebooked that she has an amazing life. And she does. She has a loving husband, amazing children that you can spend hours with and leave wanting to know more about them, she has a warm home and is surrounded by nature’s beauty.

I wonder how many people stop to take time to appreciate their blessings? Do they look in their child’s eye and look past the moments of frustration to the moments of wonder?

Do they notice the things their partner does for them that may go unnoticed in our busy lives? Do they say thank you?

I wonder how many people take our very existence for granted rather than realizing that every breath is a gift, every hug a treasure and every kiss a jewel?

I am blessed by God. I am fortunate to also have a charmed life, surrounded by my children, my spouse, my pets, my faith, my friends, my neighborhood, my family, my community. I count my blessings every day.


  1. :>)
    I wake up every day knowing that I have something special and that every day is gift. But sometimes, it's easy to forget in the day to day grind. You have to remind yourself every now and then to be mindful and cherish that moment. Many people haven't found this treasure yet. For if they did, the world would look far different.
    Look your kids in the eye, everyday, and tell them you love them.

  2. True words. Today is one of those days. It should be wonderful, yet it is missing the magic of the Easter Spirit. L's mouth hurts from her braces, G is super tired, so is her Daddy and we can't get in the groove today. We'll get through this crappy day and know that it is still a blessing to be together.

  3. Not every day is super magical, that's what makes THOSE days so special. But yep, it's still good to just be together. And remember crap is such a good fertilizer for the most beautiful things yet to come...

  4. I've been feeling lost lately and reading your posts have been an encouragement! Thank you!


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