Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The "Conference"

A note came home formally addressed to the parents of GWS notifying us that a “conference” is being held next week for the girls in fourth and fifth grade and their parents to discuss menstration. “It’s a change thing”, produced by Proctor & Gamble is


to be shown followed by a discussion. We were also advised that our daughters "will benefit" from the dvd and discussion if basic information on the topic was given at home prior to the viewing. Ugh.... Apart from the blatant consumerism of this, (Proctor & Gamble are the makers of Always and Tampax) I have always felt that some matters are best left to families. For example, after an incident of inappropriate touching in one of the elementary schools, the Board of Education brought in a new curriculum called Good Touch Bad Touch. I researched it, read it online and decided no way would my five year old participate in a school program that discusses sexual abuse and molestation. I pulled her. I have likewise pulled my children from dental screenings and eye exams. As a parent, those are my responsibilities.

G does not want to participate in "the conference". I asked her why and was told, “that is not for school”. I chuckled because that is MY answer, not hers. I told her that in order to opt out I needed to know HER reasons and to think about it and get back to me. Later she told me that she has already learned about getting her period. It was covered in The Care and Keeping of You http://www.amazon.com/Care-Keeping-You-American-Library/dp/1562476661 as well as a follow up book I gave her to that, Usborne’s What’s Happening To Me? http://www.usborne.com/catalogue/catalogue.aspx?area=R&subcat=RS&id=1985 . She told me it is a private thing and she does not want to talk about it in front of her friends and their parents. I agreed and pulled her from the program. So for this half hour of her day she will come home, have some ice cream and go back in time for one of her favorite “periods” ...gym!


mamak said...

You are awesome, and how mortifying to make kids talk about it in front of people whose business it isn't, and peers, and strangers. Gah!
Ice cream indeed.

Jessica said...

I'm sure I would not be her favorite mom if she knew I blogged about this!

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