Sunday, April 18, 2010

No Safety Net

As I was looking through a new immersion science curriculum for us, G was intrigued by three levels of Zoology. This type of science program does not cover many topics, but one topic in great detail. They would like to do the sea animals, but I am thinking Biology. Anyway, I digress.....she asked me what she should do about homeschooling next year. I told her it sometimes helps me to make a list of why she would choose homeschooling and why she would choose school. Her homeschooling list included freedom in the afternoons, no standardized testing, different and interesting activities. Her school list had just one item - friends. Our conversation was interrupted with the ringing of the doorbell but I have a feeling she may be ready to try for one year, knowing she has the option to go back if she is not happy with homeschooling.

So then,why do I feel the same anxiety that I did debating over L? I know I LOVE homeschooling. I have wanted G home since we began this adventure. I despise the current public education environment. Despite this I fear that:

  • she will miss daily interaction with friends, although her relationship with her sister may improve
  • she will have a harder adjustment to a slower pace day although her stress/anxiety levels may decrease
  • she will give me a harder time when she does not feel like having her lessons, but she may learn so much more about the things she is passionate about
  • unlike her sister, she is my personality opposite. I fear she will not enjoy being with me as much as I will enjoy being with her, but our relationship may grow stronger as a result

But I guess we will never know unless we try. I’m ready to jump, no safety net! Is she?

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