Monday, April 12, 2010


Today my girls had an amazing experience at the Audubon with the homeschool crew. It was a blessing that G could participate because she is on April vacation from public school. However, it was a bittersweet gift. She left in tears because she knew she would not be able to see if their carefully laid salamandar habitats turn into viable lodging for some small spotted amphibians, whereas L would.

How much decision-making power is too much for a nine year old to handle? I don’t know if she is capable at her age of making this choice. I see her struggling to remain in school, yet benefit from the freedoms and learning opportunities that homeschooling offers.

While L was at piano today, I took this opportunity to talk to her. I asked her not to get upset or frustrated but to just listen. I was not asking her to make a choice, but I wanted to ask her how she felt. I told her that having the choice to come out of school but be really scary when you have been in school for so long. L asked to come home. School was not the best place for her. I said that I believe her experience with coming home has been good for our entire family. I asked if she felt caught in the middle, liking both things, but too scared or unsure to choose. I felt she might need some help to make a decision.

We agreed that I am going to come up with a plan of what her homeschool adventure could be like. We agreed it would include signing up for girlscouts with her ps friend. We are going to find out more information about Destination Imagination and speak to our friend whose daughters are involved on Thursday. I am going to research possible science classes that would help her learn more about her passion: weather. She wants to see what her math curriculum would look like; Singapore Math. I told her we can look at that online. I told her she may be able to take computer classes and keep her own homeschool blog, that way both her old and new friends could see what she is doing and email her.

I told her the promise I made to L one night as she lay in bed unsure if she made the right decision to homeschool. I promised her two things: that I would help her find friends and that I would do whatever possible to make sure she saw her new friends often. I am proud to say I kept that promise and will keep whatever promise I make to help Grace ease into a whole new life and learning experience.

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