Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Very Bad Rule

I am again thinking about G and her path of growing and learning. I am again frustrated by the current state of our neighborhood school. Just this week the Principal implemented a new rule: only one child in the bathroom at a time...ever. How unbelievably inefficient. Today I was in picking G up and while I waited outside the office I saw the first grade teacher take 10 minutes to stand in her doorway and watch the children walk down the hall one at a time. While she was doing this, the Kindergarten class came by and stopped to use the bathroom creating a backlog. Although there are 6 stalls in this bathroom, only one may be used. Children waiting in the hallway were upset. One little girl said “this is a very bad rule.” as she crossed her legs bouncing up and down obvious to all that she really had to go. Five stalls were open, yet she waited. Why? That is what I would like to know. What happened in one of the bathrooms that caused a school with approximately 410 students to implement such a drastic rule? Why are 409 other children being punished for the act of one? G’s recess is being cut into by her classroom trip to the bathroom. Rather than being outside on a 80 degree day, they stand in the hallway waiting for one child to pee. Ludicrous.

Oh and by the way, when I collected G and left, the Kindergarten teacher and the First Grade teacher were still standing there, as were more than 20 children, waiting for one child to finish


Jeri Ann said...

That. Is. Ridiculous.

Seriously, the only places where this is tolerated in the adult world is in the military and the prison system.

mamak said...

Whoa, That is just dumb. Maybe they can help the economy by hiring a potty manager so that perhaps two children can go... ;.0

Hen Jen said...

I agree with Jeri Ann's comment! A bureaucracy by nature will begin to serve itself, in the case of our public school systems I believe it began serving the unions over the students and parents years ago. I am not bashing teachers at all, but the system that now serves itself, favoring rules and procedures over common sense.

when you dare to look outside the box, the stupidity begins to drive you crazy!

really, really sad, I feel bad for those kids.

Jessica said...

Hen Jen, thanks for taking the time to post. I have been enjoying your blog! It is hard to balance having one child in school and one at home. The more connected I become to homeschooling and the more strongly I connect to my homeschool style (which seems to be eclectic after starting strongly classical) I have a harder and harder time supporting my older child's choice to remain in school. For now, I am letting her remain but I told her I reserve the right as her mother to step in if and when I feel that the rules, regulations, testing, social pressures become detrimental to her health. I would rather her feel the choice to come home for learning is hers than to force it upon her. It will be an interesting summer and fall as our conversations continue.

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