Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today’s closing ceremony touched my heart in a way that I never expected. I expected a song, perhaps a dance, a few words, something typical to other programs my girls have been involved with, or what may happen at the end of the year in public school. I got a song. Children and adults joined hand in hand singing words of encouragement as we send out children on to a new adventure. The song was enhanced by the steady beat of a drum which the children all participated in playing. And the words, oh the words. They touched my soul. You see, the instructors at this amazing school deal with homeschool children all the time. They had no way of knowing that Lilah was new to homeschooling and that this was her first major program with new friends, in a new setting, with new teachers. At the circle, each child in the program stepped into the center and received blessings from their instructors. The instructors shared what made an impression on them or a certain strength or talent the child has, a goal to work on, or a touching memory they have of that child. Lilah proudly stepped into the circle to receive her blessings. Her blessing spoke of her true love of nature. How in fact, this class may be her first step towards becoming a naturalist. They spoke of her ever present smile, her eagerness to join and her willingness to try. My child. My child that I was so concerned about not too long ago. My child who cried to God to help her fiend friends. My child who did not speak. Justin, Chris, Carianna, and Jaz, you touched my child’s spirit, you touched my soul. I am so very grateful to you.


Theresa said...

That is so awesome! I am so happy for you! And especially for your daughter, who has found a comfortable place in the world! That is so wonderful, it touched my soul just to hear how happy you are! :-)

mamak said...

It is an amazing magical program. The guides are true nurturers of the world and our kids. I never knew the old Lilah, but I am so glad she is comfy in her new space. And we are really glad that we met your family.

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