Tuesday, May 18, 2010


G's egg lab

L's lab. She was amazed by the blastodisk. She dissected the egg to remove it.

G learning more about weather patterns while snuggling with Daphne.

Math time.

The best part of our day was a healthy lunch - chicken stir fry with rice noodles.

Today was a little glimpse into what homeschooling two children will be like. G stayed home one more day. But since she was not quite as sick as yesterday she joined us for lessons. She did a page in her math workbook while L worked on her review. I showed her a great website I found for meteorology which is basically a text book online. She joined us for a science lab in which we labeled that parts of an egg cell and learned the differences between plant and animal cells. Then she disappeared upstairs to work on a rough draft of a project she has due on Monday. When she came back down, not only was her draft complete but her room was clean! Amazing.

Having G home felt complete. L was not learning alone. Our dogs were overjoyed. Our house seemed balanced. Granted she was not doing work that required my direct involvement but having them both each engaged in meaningful work was very satisfying. What will have to change is how our day evolves. G can’t sit still as long as L can and I have yet to find out how long she can attend to one thing at a time. G is a fiddler, a tapper, and a fidgeter which drives her sister crazy. I am not sure working at the dining room table would be the best for us.

So we have created a plan. Our plan could be very exciting. Greg and I discussed moving the girls into our bedroom, which is the largest, not by much, but every inch helps. G will not feel she is sharing “her” room (hers is much bigger than L's), as it will be new to both of them. G’s room (after paiting over the fushia) will become my room. L’s room will become the....wait for it.....learning room! Her room right now is only large enough for a twin bed and a small nightstand. I am going to measure it to see if we can fit a small table and loveseat in her room. At night L can read on the couch and go to bed after G is asleep which solves the opposite sleep styles. The hallway closet will become the new learning center, housing our texts, binders, manipulatives, colored pencils, crayons and other things we use daily. It is very exciting and a bit overwhelming.

The girls have never shared a room but they seem excited to make this change. Each has developed a floor plan of how they think the room should be arranged taking into consideration L’s Barbies, G’s desk, two beds, two nightstands and room to play. I am just thrilled my girls want to be together in this next chapter of our homeschooling adventure!


christinemm said...

Hi Jessica, Thanks for commenting on my blog. If you are interested in raw milk discussed in my former blog post it is from Pulaski's farm on 188 Bug Hill Road in Monroe.

christinemm said...

I am happy that having both of your girls home seemed to feel just right and that you are excited about this.

Have you investigated any co-op's? Most are enrolling now for fall 2010. That would give your girls one day with peers for good social time and brief stints as a reminder of classroom learning.

I don't know where in CT you are located or I'd share if I know of any co-op's near you. Co-op's are really growing in CT. (Other areas of the country have been 'doing them' for years.)

Jessica said...

We are going to visit Greenspring today. I have heard wonderful things about it and the Great Hollow Coop. I was told that Great Hollow is full but someone I know who attends would keep me in mind if there are openings this fall. I would love suggestions of others! Thanks!

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