Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Change of Scenery

It has been a tough morning. Grace is on day three being home from school. She is better, but not able to cope with the extreme heat that her upstairs classroom in an 80 year old school with no air conditioning will bring on a 85 degree day. On top of this, Lilah is very out-of-sorts. I am blaming it on the bug bite she got at her nature class yesterday. We have been so vigilant to wear long pants, long socks, apply loads of our favorite all natural bug spray and she did not get one bite...until yesterday. Figures, on her last day she would get one of her massive welts on her leg. It is so large it hurts her to walk. Benedryl will relieve the itch and the swelling but it does not do wonders for her mood. So, rather than stay inside on such a beautiful day and argue over lessons, make up work and crappy attitudes, we are going to check on our garden, give it nurturing and hopefully it in turn will nurture us back into alignment.


Theresa said...

Sometimes we all just need a break from routine. Sounds like you guys needed one. that is one of the beauties of homeschooling, being able to/learning to listen to what you need as opposed to what you MUST do. Hope you all enjoyed your day!

Jessica said...

We did! It was just an hour but when we came home Grace dug into her makeup work from school, while Lilah finished her lessons. When they were done it was too hot to move so we went swimming! I am learning that routine is good but knowing when to break routine is better!

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