Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today I spent some time with my Queen Homeschool Catalog and my laptop searching for what I plan to use for curriculum for G and L. In my mind I am trying to envision our day, what subjects can be taught together and what can be taught together but at different levels. Math will be different. They will use different books (Life of Fred and Horizons for G and Singapore for L) and most likely be taught at different times so that I can give each girl their own individual mini-lesson. While I am doing this, the other will be working on independent reading for their literature study. I have to come up with a book list for each girl. History will be taught together. Neither has had history in public school. We are up to the 14th chapter in Story of the World but one of my friend’s kindly loaned me her cd’s so that G can just listen to chapters 1-13 to get caught up to where we are. I am thinking of adding in a living book program which would pick up at Ancient Greece and would be at least a 4 week study. I could use SOTW to get us to the next period where another 4 week living book study would pick up. I would like to order cursive lessons (since G was “taught” cursive by completing a packet last year. Needless to say her cursive is less than beautiful. This can be done together, as can their vocabulary, and spelling (spelling will be different levels).

I am thinking of adding in Bible study. I did not choose homeschooling for religious reasons but we are a spiritual family and church plays a large role in our life. I teach 5th grade religious education and both girls have sung in the children’s choir. There is a simple study focusing on increasing wisdom which I would like to do alongside my girls and we would truly be learning as a family!

Science will be together continuing on in our R.E.A.L program on Life. I love the labs and feel like the girls will be engaging in their learning together. G will join us where we are this summer. She will miss the study on cells, but will be able to pick this up quickly when we begin the study of our body. Writing will also be done simultaneously, but again, on different levels. I plan on using Write Shop, which will keep G progressing along similar themes that she would learn in school. In my mind I have to be aware that this may only be one year for G. I can look long term for L because I know she has no desire to return to school for now. She will also use Write Source but it will be in addition to her Write with Ease program.

I don’t want to stray too far from what G would be covering in public school in case she chooses to return for 6th grade. G is bright. As long as I keep her reading, writing and progressing in math, she will do just fine. Really anything beyond that is a bonus as what she is learning now seems to be forgotten very quickly. Case in point, we were discussing field trips and we recently went to the CT Science Center. I asked her what she learned on this trip. She said nothing. I asked her what she learned in school that had anything to do with that trip and she said she couldn’t remember back to the beginning of the year. To be fair, she did enjoy learning about the water cycle and there were great exhibits about rivers, erosion, the Connecticut River and weather cycles. Unfortunately the museum was so crowded and overstimulating, we did not spend much time at these exhibits. So as her school year ends and I look forward to easing her into homeschooling with a few fun hands on projects this summer, I can barely contain my excitement.

Next weekend we may implement our plan - the swapping of bedrooms!


Rosemarie said...

I have been studying the Queen Homeschool books also and am planning on buying an easy pack this year to start with. The books look wonderful and I love the idea of just reading and learning with discussion. Have you used any of their books before. I wold love feedback.

Jessica said...

Yes! I use their Learn to Spell Through Copywork which I love. Lilah keeps telling me it is easy but it should not be hard! It teaches them the rules of spelling which I really like rather than just memorizing a random list of works. I also purchased their geography book: Bringing the World to Life: A Study About My State. This will be a summer project both girls will do together. One of my friends recommended this catalog to me. Her 10 year old daughter uses many of the books so I have been fortunate to be able to look at them before purchasing. The only book I have not seen is the Bible Study one but I am just going to risk it - I can always use it for the Religious Ed class I teach! I would be happy to share the books I have so you can preview them. We can email off the blog and set up a time to meet.

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