Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Fence

Today G forgot to have a test signed and returned to school. A test that she scored 100 on. The stamp that said Please Sign and Return was in the lower right hand corner of the paper, not the usual spot on top near her name. So she forgot. It did not come home for my signature stating that I am aware she scored 100. Her punishment......the fence. The dreaded, nightmare inspiring, humiliating, degrading, embarrassing fence. This is where children are banished to should they not do their homework or forget to bring something home and then back again. For G's infraction the punishment was ten minutes off recess, spent sitting on-the-fence watching her friends play, while they watched her sit-on-the-fence.

Okay teachers. My child is prone to anxitey - you come to my house and deal with the aftermath of your punitive punishment. I wonder if you forgot your plan book, or if you forgot to bring in a letter to send home or if you did not see a form requiring your signature, would you join your students on-the-fence. No....I did not think so.

I know "rules are rules", I was once a teacher too. But some rules are just stupid.

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Jason & Theresa said...

Our girls sound a lot alike. That would just destroy my daughters. They are both prone to anxiety.

I often wonder about those kinds of things as well. As adults, we know we are not infallible, we make mistakes and forget things. We are only human. Why should we expect more from children?

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