Sunday, May 30, 2010

A good book is a great friend

This is my first blog challenge - responding to a topic chosen by another blogger. Home Is Where You Start From has issued the L.E.N.S Blog Challenge topic: A Love of Reading.

Here is my picture:

Reading stirs so many memories in me. From rocking my infant daughters while reading picture books to them at bedtime, or snuggling in front of the fireplace reading together, to reading every Disney Fairy book to Lilah when she was three to reading every Junie B. Jones book to Grace when she was four, reading has always been a priority in my family. Books line our shelves, our nightstands, our countertops, overflow out of library bins, and can be found hidden under carseats. They are tucked away under pillows, strewn across the couch, and fill the racks in the bathrooms. This clutter never bothers me. Books are our friends and it would not feel natural to not be surrounded by them.


  1. I too have so many memories reading to my little ones and books line just about every corner of our home as well. Your picture of your little girl is just beautiful.

  2. I love books too. We have them everywhere as well. Our family enjoys all snuggling together in Jason & my bed and reading, sometime to ourselves, sometimes to each other.

  3. wonderful! Love all the books behind her! Books are our friends, too.

  4. This is so lovely - looks like in a public library and reminds me when our public library was my second home. I loved to sit and read there for hours when I was a child...

  5. Books are wonderful things to have around. I like your entry!


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