Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Joining a coop

I am excited by the

possibility of joining a coop. L and I visited a coop about 45 minutes from us today. They were having their year end picnic and graduation ceremony at a stunning location, Wadsworth Mansion. The picnic was open to prospective families so we took the ride north to check it out. We were not prepared for a picnic. We did not bring games, food or blankets. Our goal was not to intrude on graduation but to introduce ourselves to the organizers of the coop, glean bits of information about how the coop is run, what type of classes have been offered and how the registration process works. While my friend and I met with other parents, our kids ran around, played tag, climbed trees, read their books and wrote in their journals. The beauty of a coop (from my newbie perspective) is that parents, each having unique and often fascinating backgrounds, offer their skills and talents to the group. Children get to select the classes they would like to take. In the past classes such as architecture, journalism, karate, theater and book groups have been offered. The children travel from class to class, learning things that would not typically be offered in a public school (until middle school), and have time to be with other children who have similar interests. After the picnic, we drove to the facility where the classes are held, Green Street Art Center, where I was amazed by the opportunities the building presents. Contained in one center is a full recording studio, a theater, a computer lab, a mac lab, two art studios, a library room, a gathering place, and a dance studio. It is most certain that we will be joining in the fall. I am even thinking of teaching a class......


  1. That's awesome! Sounds like an amazing opportunity! We have 2 nearby and I am excited to check them out as well!

  2. From what I am learning, they can each have their own distinct "flavor". Some may be based on a certain philosophy. I liked this one because it is a larger group, well established, and offers great classes that would cost a fortune to pay for individually. It will give my girls that chance to spend time with kids in a school-like setting, which may help Grace overcome the feelings of loss I am sure she will experience when her friends return to school in September and she does not.


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