Thursday, May 6, 2010

Looking back while moving forward

One thing I have struggled with over the past two years is the desire to homeschool my girls. School causes so much stress and anxiety. I always bragged about how my girls never fought with one another--until they went to school. Today, no fighting. Peace. Friendship. Togetherness. The kind of threesome I know in my heart we can be. Laughing, playing, reading, creating. Somehow school sucks all these things out of us. Eight weeks in not nearly enough time to get it back.”

June 24, 2009

For almost a year I have kept an journal on my computer. Just today I stumbled across this entry embedded in a longer one about my goals for last summer -- long before I considered homeschooling L, back when I was getting ready after 10 years to reenter the world of teaching, our summer was just beginning and I was looking forward to my time with my girls.

The past few weeks have been difficult for G. Finally we have reached a decision. BOTH GIRLS ARE COMING HOME FOR LEARNING!!!!!! I told G yesterday. She accepted the decision with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. Immediately she began to list things she wants to do like built a volcano, join a coop, create a team for Destination Imagination and go on field trips with her homeschooled friends. She wants to take more art classes and do her math on the couch with the dogs like her sister does.

Ironically after all this discussion and debate, it was L who voiced a concern with having her sister come home. L does not want to share her baking time with her sister. It has become something special between the two of us. I assured her that it can remain our special time together and G and I will have something that is important to her that we will do. A harder topic to mediate is the issue of sharing friends.

Friendship among school children is very different than among the homeschool community. Because children are leveled by age, siblings in the same school have different groups of friends. Very rarely do they mix. Because L had no core group of friends in school she has become very possessive of her new friends. She is not very willing to shift her thinking to “our friends”. We can shift our thinking to “our friends” but it is going to take time and much mediation on my part between my two daughters.

Regardless of the challenges this new path in our adventure brings, I am so very very happy.


mamak said...

So our we! So excited and can't wait to have Grace in on our fun! So excited for you all.

Jessica said...

Thanks!!!! She is too but right now she is still in the middle. Today she did not want to go to school at all because of Audubon but she does not want to skip her field trip next week to come with us to visit the coop in Middletown. It will all work out. Patience and support will come in handy!

Jason & Theresa said...

That journal entry could be cut & pasted from my journal. I have written the same words, many times. School vacations and days off, we are the family that we used to be before they girls began school. It does seem to suck all of that out of us, as well.

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