Wednesday, May 12, 2010


6:40 - Rainy day. Perfect day for snuggling in bed with a good book and cozy covers. Up to face the day. Spent half hour, checking email, and printing out Lilah’s checklist for lessons today.

7:15 - kids up, breakfast, and get ready for school/lessons. Love the smell of homemade french toast in the morning. Vanilla is very comforting to me. However my peace was shattered when we discovered the biggest spider I have ever in my house, crawling across the ceiling, inching its way closer and closer......

8:30 - get G to school.

8:45 - L usually uses this time to play or read. Today she asked if she could read. I asked her to read Sohpie’s Tom but she replied that she really wanted to read her new children’s Bible she received for her First Communion. How could I say no to that???

8:45-9:00 I clean up the kitchen from breakfast while Lilah reads the Bible.

9:15 Once L begins reading it is very hard to transition her to something else. After much prompting we begin lessons. Killing that spider was bad karma.

Science - began our new book R.E.A.L. Odyssey: Life. Thought L would love it and be excited to start the day with something other than math, but not so much. Seems her counselors at Nature Class have taught her that rocks are alive, which is in direct contract to our lesson today. Told her that we can respect rocks as part of nature but since they do not fit the criteria we learned today, we have to classify them as non-living!

Read Aloud: continued our fairy tale study with Little Mermaid Part 1 on

Grammar: lesson 73, substituted my own writing prompt for the one given. Highlighted all the pronouns she used in her journal entry. Reviewed the many poems she has memorized. She wrote about her First Communion this past weekend. It was a great entry full of her wit and insight into family relationships. I am going to enjoy her development as a writer.

Math: began our unit on money. Used play money to trade coins and count money. Did corresponding activities in her textbook and workbook.

Completed three more thank you cards.

12:00 L helped make pumpkin muffins. I opened a can of organic pumpkin this morning to help my dog relieve his constipation. Since only 1/2 a tsp was needed, I did not want the rest to go to waste.

1:45 I had a visit with a friend. L joined us for a snack and our conversation about a local farming coop. Then she took my laptop into the living room and worked on Spanish.

3:00 Picked up G from school.

3:15-3:30 Read half the chapter in History: The Golden Age of Ancient Egypt

3:30 L’s friend came over to play. They played the Wii for about 5 minutes then began a painting project. Unfortunately I had no idea they choose to finger paint with acrylic paint! I am still soaking a pair of paints and we had to scrub the rug to get off purple paw prints.

4:00 Groomer came to the house to give the dogs a bath and a haircut. Jake freaked out and G had to lead him to the mobile grooming van. It appears everyone in my house is acting a bit off today.

5:30 dinner

6:30 watched Little House of the Prairie. While watching I reflected on how I wish our current viewing resembled the vintage Little House episodes that I grew up with. Morals, values, frienship, sisterhood, two parents, married parents, religion, discipline -- everything that is lacking from Hannah Montana or iCarly. My girls LOVE this show. They also love the story that every Monday my Grandparents would come to my house with a half-gallon of Friendly's ice cream and watch the show with us. I was allowed very little television as a young child and this is a very special memory.

8:00 bedtime, planning for tomorrow, updating this blog, catching up on Facebook. Snuggling with my dogs.


Rosemarie said...

You have very full days! I love hearing how other peoples days go though.

Jessica said...

My days are full. I love them though. One of my goals this spring has been to slow down. There are days when I actively try to do this and then there are days like yesterday when it seems to get away from me. I know that this is always the busiest time of year for me: between outside classes winding down, religious education at church winding down, recitals, and Grace's school (which gets very busy in May and June with carnivals, field days, tests, and projects) it can be a struggle. I know in just a few more weeks I will have both my children home with me and life will be as it should be!

Jason & Theresa said...

Our family also LOVES Little House on the Prairie. It was my favorite show as a child. Even my husband has gotten into it. It really has something for everyone. I love the morals and values in it and often wonder how NOT having TV like that will impact this generation.

If you have not already checked them out, my girls have also really enjoyed the "Christy" series on DVD (it was a TV series in the early nineties, I believe, based on the books by Catherine Marshall). Also, there is a wonderful mini-series of "Sarah Plain and Tall" with Glenn Close as Sarah. And a series of movies that originally aired on the Hallmark channel, based on books by Janette Oke, the titles all have Love in it: 'Love Comes Softly" and all are about pioneers and have wonderful moral lessons. Our library has all of those. I'm not sure if your library system offers inter-library loan, but many do now and I have taken advantage of that as well :)

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