Thursday, June 17, 2010

At the Breakfast Table

Some families have dinner together and that is where their best discussions take place. For us it is the breakfast table. It has always been just the three of us, Greg having been long gone on a southbound train to New York, sitting at our round table in the dining room. This is where the good stuff happens. This is when we talk about friendship troubles, things we are doing, how we are feeling and what our upcoming day looks like.

I have long resented school for interrupting the best part of our day. We can be in the middle of a great chat and I notice it is creeping closer to 8:00am. The girls are not dressed, the lunch box is not packed, the folder is not in the backpack and teeth still have to be brushed! Our wonderful conversation is hastily pushed aside in favor of the mad-dash to be out the door by 8:30. I wonder how many other families were similarly interrupted, inconvenienced and how many thoughtful, meaningful, important conversations were put on hold, perhaps never to be revisited and even if they are, the authenticity can never be replicated.

I am looking forward to the release from this. I can wait until my children naturally wake from slumber. The dogs greet them at the bottom of the stairs welcoming them to the start of a new day. My house can be filled with the aroma of french toast, eggs or just plain Cheerios and milk, but the start of our day will not be interrupted by the start of school. I find the thought so liberating. I find it so exciting. I wonder where our conversations around the kitchen table will take us now that they don’t have to be cut short......


  1. That sounds wonderful! I think a lot of learning can happen just informally like that and I think it's so important to validate the girls' feelings. I don't like how school interrupts our natural rhythm either and puts such restrictions on everything on our life!

  2. I am eagerly counting down the days. We have early release days tomorrow and Monday and then our adventure begins!

    Tomorrow's post should be a good one......I am meeting with our Principal at her request. I find it ironic she never mentioned me withdrawing my youngest, never even spoke one word to me about it, but now that I am taking my other daughter out, she wants to meet. The cynical side of me thinks it is because Grace scored very high on her mastery tests......

  3. Thanks for the comment! I always like finding new blogs to read and yours looks like a good one! Have a great day!

  4. I have been thinking about this post since yesterday and, wow, the comment from the principal...please let me know how that goes! Before I even read your response, I referenced your post in my blog


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