Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feeder Fish

Lilah and I just got back from Petco where we purchased 4 guppies as feeder fish for the frogs. I was not sure how my vegetarian-want-to-be daughter would handle this. She said she did not mind. Wow! She must really like these frogs. We also bought some plants to make their setting look more natural. It is funny how each frog has its own personality. One is more aggressive, eats more, swims more and is larger. This is Taylor. Ralph is more timid, hides more, is smaller. I worry that Taylor is eating the majority of the food and at some point may try to eat Ralph! I don’t know if that would in fact happen, but I plan to find out before I learn the hard way.....

Lilah has taken quite a liking to these two frogs. She watches them, talks to them and is the one that is taking on the responsibility for their care. She collected river rocks from our landscaping, washed them and placed them in the tank to create natural hiding places. She is now arranging the plants just so. She is concerned if the frogs like the fish and asked me if I feel badly for the fish. How do you answer that?? No, I said. It is the cycle of life and part of keeping these frogs is giving them what they would eat if there were in the wild. (this was one of my hesitations when I discovered they were not dwarf frogs). She accepted this. So, for now, it seems we have a balanced ecosystem in our aquarium.

Well...just checked. In ten minutes, two fish gone already in one big gulp.


  1. Did each frog get a fish? Or did Taylor eat both?

  2. As far as I know Taylor got both. We went out and when we came home all four fish were gone. I have to do some research on keeping two frogs in one tank.....


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